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Catherine Komp

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Virginia Currents: Norfolk Transformation of Neighborhoods

Last week, Virginia Currents previewed the upcoming Better Block initiative in Richmond. During two days in June, community members will transform a section of North Church Hill with temporary landscaping, outdoor seating and pop-up shops. This week, we take you to Norfolk, and see how one section of downtown has changed one year after their own Better Block event. Catherine Komp has more.

Virginia Currents: Richmond Prepares to Transform Neighborhood Through Better Block Placemaking Event

On June 13th and 14th, a section of Richmond’s North Church Hill will be transformed as community members redesign the area with temporary improvements. It’s part of a nationwide effort led by the group the Better Block to help residents revitalize their neighborhoods. In the first of a two-part series, Catherine Komp reports for Virginia Currents.

Virginia Currents: Wytheville Residents Continue Legacy of 1882 African-American Training School

The small town of Wytheville is known as the birthplace of First Lady Edith Bolling Wilson, for a serious polio outbreak in 1950s and for its week-long Chautauqua arts festival held each June for the last 30 years. But the town also has a rich African-American history which a group of residents are trying to preserve. Catherine Komp reports for Virginia Currents.

Virginia Currents: Science, Art and History on Display at Flora of Virginia Exhibit

A new exhibit at the Library of Virginia examines the art, science and history of the state’s diverse plant life. It’s part of the Flora of Virginia Project, which is continuing to educate the community about native plants following the 2012 publication of the Flora of Virginia. Catherine Komp has more for Virginia Currents.

Virginia Currents: Students, Teachers Join Bobby McFerrin in Advocating for Music Education

March is Music in Our Schools Month and events are taking place across the state. In Northern Virginia, a music educator who has been inspiring students for decades helped lead one of them to a unique and memorable experience. For Virginia Currents, Catherine Komp has more.

Virginia Currents: Barter Theater and William King Museum Collaboration Shows Another Side of Artists

In Southwest Virginia, the Barter Theater and William King Museum are two key institutions providing the community with artistic, cultural and educational experiences. Now, they’ve come together in a new exhibit that highlights the creative process for those working both on and off the stage. For Virginia Currents, Catherine Komp reports from Abingdon.

Virginia Currents: Local Teen Raises Awareness About Epilepsy Ahead of National Gathering in Washington, DC

Epilepsy affects about 65 million people worldwide, and some three million in the United States. Families and advocates in Virginia are working to raise more awareness about the condition, which causes unprovoked seizures in people of all ages.  For WCVE’s Virginia Currents, Catherine Komp reports.

Virginia Currents: VA Holocaust Museum Expands Oral History Collection

Since 1997, the Virginia Holocaust Museum has been collecting oral histories from survivors of the Holocaust who resettled in state. The organization is now expanding its collection to include testimonies from other genocides and mass atrocities. For Virginia Currents, Catherine Komp has more.

Virginia Currents: Helping Families and Pets, Veterinary Clinics Offer Discounted Services

Many families in Virginia continue to face challenges in making ends meet. Rent, food, doctor’s visits and unexpected repairs can all add up, and for those with pets, veterinary care may fall to the bottom of the list. But there are options for low-cost services, as Catherine Komp reports for Virginia Currents.

Want to see more? Scroll below for an audio slideshow of the Richmond SPCA and Jessica Beath Clinics.

Virginia Currents: Advocates Expand Peer Support to Spanish-Speaking Residents

Out of the millions of adults and youth who experience mental illness, less than half seek treatment. Peer support advocates in Central Virginia are hoping to see those numbers go up, especially for a growing population in need - the Latino community. For Virginia Currents, Catherine Komp has more.