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Murder Most Virginia

I am generally not a fan of short stories. They are almost universally too spare in even rudimentary character description, too thematically simple and often resolved with a slap-dash finality that is unsatisfying. However, as a reader of intelligent mysteries, I was willing to give short stories in a favorite genre a try.

Celebrate World Book Night with a Free Paperback

April 23 is World Book Night, an annual event committed to encouraging reading, particularly among light and non-readers. Each April 23--the UNESCO International Day of the Book and Shakespeare’s birthday--thousands of volunteers give away 500,000 new paperback books to people in their communities. The idea started in the United Kingdom in 2011 and the first U. S. World Book Night was celebrated in 2012.

They Had Me At Pie

Back Roads: People, Places and Pie around Virginia is the collaborative effort of Bob Brown, the award-winning photographer at the Richmond Times-Dispatch and first photojournalist inducted into the Virginia Communications Hall of Fame and Bill Lohmann, a Richmond native who has written for the Richmond Times-Dispatch since 1992. Back Roads’ text is genial, concise and astute, while the photos tell their story in the same succinct, observant manner.

Shaken AND Stirred: "Sisterland's" Earthquake Premise an Engrossing Plot Device

As producer of Artsline, 88.9 WCVE’s arts and cultural calendar, I receive many books from big and small publishing houses. It is a nifty job perk but about half of the books fit into my Women in Peril category; dark-jacketed, lengthy tomes about women falling for languorous vampires, zombies and others of the hip undead. Sisterland’s coverfeaturing pretty but unsmiling twin girls with Children of the Corn stares is slightly creepy but intriguing.