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Secrets of the Dead

JFK: One PM Central Standard Time

George Clooney narrates the Season 13 premiere, which recalls how the JFK assassination was reported by journalists on the scene in Dallas and Walter Cronkite, who anchored CBS News' coverage from New York. Included: the recollections of Dan Rather, Bob Schieffer, Marvin Kalb and Marianne Means; and former president Bill Clinton.
Upcoming Airdates:
  • Tue 08/04/2015 8:00 pm on WCVE HDTV
  • Wed 08/05/2015 1:00 am on WCVE HDTV
  • Thu 08/06/2015 4:00 am on WCVE HDTV
  • Fri 08/07/2015 2:00 am on WCVE HDTV
  • Mon 08/10/2015 4:00 am on WCVE HDTV
  • Wed 08/05/2015 4:00 am on WCVW HDTV
  • Fri 08/07/2015 5:00 am on WCVW HDTV