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Thomas & Friends

Helping Each Other

Thomas takes Bertie on a tour of Sodor, but doesn't listen when Bertie says he has to pick up Dowager Hatt and her friends; Spencer tries to go to the Duke and Duchess' Summer House on a foggy day after being told by Sir Topham Hatt to stay at Tidmouth Sheds until the fog lifts.
Upcoming Airdates:
  • Thu 09/01/2016 12:30 pm on WCVE HDTV
  • Thu 09/01/2016 3:30 pm on WCVW HDTV
  • Sat 09/03/2016 6:00 am on WCVW HDTV
  • Sat 09/03/2016 9:00 am on WCVW HDTV