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What's Bugging You?

What's Bugging You?

Dr. Arthur V. Evans teams up with WCVE Public Radio producer Steve Clark for a weekly feature, “What’s Bugging You?,” which airs during NPR’s Morning Edition. The program takes its name from another of Evans’ books “What’s Bugging You – A Fond Look at the Animals We Love to Hate.”

Tune-in each Tuesday at 8:45 a.m. or at 5:44 p.m. on 88.9 WCVE, Richmond’s Public Radio station.

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Larval Ground Beetles Study

Dr. Art Evans, entomologist and WCVE producer Steve Clark discuss a recently published scientific study in Israel that reveals the gruesome feeding habits of larval ground beetles in the genus Epomis. Using their mouthparts and antennae as lures, hungry larvae draw the attention of hungry and much larger frogs and toads with often deadly results.

To read the original research and to see more photos visit here.

Pillbugs and Sowbugs

Entomologist Dr. Art Evans and WCVE producer Steve Clark discuss why rolypolies are not insects and reveal that they live, in an ecological sense, on the knife’s edge.

Photo: Pillbug, Porcellio armadillidium. © 2012, A.V. Evans

Key words: pillbugs, sowbugs, rolypoly, crustacean, isopod

Insects and the Law

Entomologist Dr. Art Evans and WCVE producer Steve Clark note that forensic entomologists do more than just study insects at a death scene. They also examine arthropod-related evidence in cases involving child-abuse, elder neglect, automobile accidents, and plane crashes. Art recalls a case where insects and an entomologist helped to shore up a prosecutor's case and put a murderer behind bars.

Bug Wranglers

Entomologist Dr. Art Evans and WCVE producer Steve Clark discuss the role of bug wranglers on movie sets. One well known wrangler, Steve Kutcher, even uses insects to create art.

Photo: Entomologist and bug wrangler Steve Kutcher with some of his insect art.

Banded Wooly Bear

Entomologist Dr. Art Evans and WCVE producer Steve Clark debunk the myth of banded wooly bears as meteorological prognosticators and explore the Wooly Bear's ability to keep from freezing in winter. Note that "wooly" is the American spelling. In Britain it is spelled “woolly.”

Key words: banded wooly bear, banded woolly bear, wooly worm, tiger moth

Photo: Banded wooly bear, Pyrrharctica isabella

Graveyard Beetles

Entomologist Dr. Art Evans and WCVE producer Steve Clark dig up some juicy natural history nuggets on beetles associated with bodies and graves.

Photo: Burying or sexton beetle, Nicrophorus orbicollis. © 2006, A.V. Evans

Key words: carrion beetle, coffin beetle, graveyard beetle

Mason Wasps

Entomologist Dr. Art Evans discusses the discovery of a mason wasp nesting in his neighborhood with WCVE producer Steve Clarke.

Photo: Mason wasp, Monobia quadridens. © 2012, A.V. Evans.

Key words: Mason wasp, Monobia, carpenter bees, trap nests


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