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Trauma and Resilience: Building a Network to Strengthen Communities

A growing number of organizations in Greater Richmond are working to educate the community about the impact of trauma on children and families. The effort involves service providers, educators, government agencies and community groups. In the first of an ongoing series on Trauma and Resilience, WCVE’s Catherine Komp has more for Virginia Currents.

Urban Agriculture Fellowship Prepares Residents to Be Social Entrepreneurs

Community and backyard gardens are spreading in Virginia, as more people take an interest in locally grown food. Now several initiatives are helping people become urban agriculture entrepreneurs, including an intensive program at Tricycle Gardens. 88.9 WCVE’s Catherine Komp has more for Virginia Currents.

Protecting the Forest, Preserving a Family Legacy

Nearly 140 years ago, the Jones family moved to Western Henrico. They didn’t have much at first, but eventually owned more than 1000 acres of land. A descendant is protecting what they have left and sharing his family’s history. 88.9 WCVE’s Catherine Komp has more for Virginia Currents.

Special thanks to Alan Weatherhead for composing original music and scoring this story. All family photos courtesy of the Jones Family.



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