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Vegans Challenge Richmond Chefs To Expand Plant-Based Options

Vegan diets exclude everything from meat and dairy, to sugar refined with bone char, and beer clarified with dried fish organs. Because animal products are so common, people who want plant-based meals often have a difficult time at restaurants. But a new initiative in Richmond challenges chefs and brewers to expand their vegan offerings. WCVE’s Catherine Komp has more for Virginia Currents.

Coffee With A Purpose: Richmond Cafe Trains And Hires Neighborhood Youth

A new coffee shop recently opened in Richmond’s Church Hill neighborhood. But it doesn’t just serve steaming beverages and savory quiche. This neighborhood gathering spot opened to provide job experience for youth in the community. WCVE’s Catherine Komp has more for Virginia Currents.


VMFA Exhibit Brings Chinese Emperor Qin’s Underground World to Richmond

In 1974, farmers in a rural Chinese province came upon some shards of pottery. Their discovery led to one of the biggest archaeological finds of the 20th Century -- several football-stadium sized pits that housed the Terracotta Army. Part of the find is on display at the VMFA. And as Ian Stewart reports for Virginia Currents, the exhibit is a window into an ancient Chinese dynasty.


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