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Generation Dream: Performing Art for Peace and Justice

Each year during Black History Month, youth from across Greater Richmond take the stage to honor the legacy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  A project of the Richmond Peace Education Center, “Generation Dream” showcases young talent and their vision for a more just world. Catherine Komp has more for Virginia Currents.

Learn More: Generation Dream will be performed Sunday, February 21st at 3:00 p.m. at Huguenot High School. More details at the Richmond Peace Education Center's website.

Richmond’s Creative and Curious Chicken Plots

Richmond joins a growing number of cities seeing an increase in backyard chicken keeping. How do residents weave these feathery friends into their urban lives? A new exhibit at the Valentine museum examines the past and present of backyard chickens. Catherine Komp has more for Virginia Currents.

Learn More: See A Chicken in Every Plot at The Valentine through September 5, 2016. Explore more of Alyssa Salomon's work.


Solar Co-ops Spread Across Virginia

The nonprofit group VA SUN is helping Virginians across the state convert to solar power. They’re using a co-op model that brings residents together to bargain for competitive prices and advocate for clean energy. Virginia Currents producer Catherine Komp has more.


At the Glen Allen Library, Aaron Sutch welcomes people to a solar co-op info session. The room fills up quickly and Sutch gets things started.

Teaching a Public History of Public Housing

At Richmond's George Wythe High School, students are studying something close to home: public housing. A Title I school, nearly all students are black and many come from low-income families. By examining housing and ongoing segregation, teacher Libby Germer hopes students will gain the knowledge and passion to confront inequality. Catherine Komp has more for Virginia Currents.

Exploring Rodin: The Artist’s Creative and Technical Process

The Rodin exhibit at the VMFA offers visitors a chance to see some famous pieces, including “The Thinker” and “The Kiss.” Through objects that have never before traveled to North America, it also sheds light on the artist’s process and the techniques that made him a pioneer in modern sculpture. Virginia Currents producer Catherine Komp has more.


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