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Virginia Civil Engineers Pioneer Llama Manure Water Filtration

Virginia Military Institute students are getting ready to depart for a remote village in Bolivia where they’re helping the community access clean water. Part of the civil engineering initiative “Keydets Without Borders,” they’re testing an innovation that takes advantage of an abundant resource - llama manure. For Virginia Currents, Catherine Komp reports.

Community Process Guiding Future of 19th Century Remains Found at MCV

More than two decades ago, the remains of several dozen people were discovered in a 19th Century well near the Egyptian Building on MCV’s downtown campus. VCU is now bringing together the community to determine how the remains should be studied, memorialized and reburied. For Virginia Currents, Catherine Komp reports.

Humans of Richmond: Capturing and Connecting a Diverse City

Inspired by the popular blog Humans of New York, two local residents are documenting the diversity of people in Richmond. Pairing portraits with quotes, Humans of Richmond aims to connect the city’s inhabitants to each other. For Virginia Currents, Catherine Komp has more.

Learn More: Follow the Humans of Richmond and see their collaboration with TEDxRVA featuring the " uncommon ideas and life experiences" of 10 Richmonders.

Richmond’s Slave District Recreated in 3D

Researchers at the University of Richmond have created a 3D map of the city’s slave district in 1853. Part of the Library of Virginia’s “To Be Sold” exhibit, the map traces the steps of a British artist whose experience in Richmond led to abolitionist sketches, essays and paintings. Catherine Komp has more for Virginia Currents.

Learn More: View the University of Richmond's 3D animated map and other projects created by the Digital Scholarship Lab.

After Cancer Diagnosis, Family Caregivers Provide Essential Support

An estimated 1.6 million people in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer this year, according to the American Cancer Society. As patients face diagnosis, treatment and recovery, family members will provide much of the care and support that’s needed. Virginia Currents producer Catherine Komp has more.

Movement Grows to Save Virginia’s Rosenwald Schools

In the early 20th Century, nearly 5,000 “Rosenwald” schools were built across the South to educate African Americans. While many of the structures have disappeared, communities across Virginia are coming together to document this history and preserve the buildings that remain. Catherine Komp has more for Virginia Currents.

Richmond’s Community Print Shop Prepares for Expansion

Many artists face the challenge of finding affordable space and tools to carry out their work. Evolving to meet some of those needs is Studio Two Three, Richmond’s community print shop, which provides low-cost studio space and affordable classes. Catherine Komp has more for Virginia Currents.

Learn More: Follow Studio Two Three on Facebook and find out about their expansion, events, classes and using the studio on their website.


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