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Bike Commuters Eager for Richmond’s New Infrastructure

Across the US, most people get to work using motorized vehicles. But US Census data shows an increasing number are commuting by bike, growing 61% since 2000. Many cities, including Richmond, are working to make the streets more friendly to residents who have incorporated bikes into their everyday lives. Catherine Komp has more for Virginia Currents.

Inside Master Violin Maker Don Leister’s Workshop

At this year’s Richmond Folk Festival, spectators have the chance to hear Tibetan opera, Dominican merengue and Native American hip-hop. Virginia’s rich cultural heritage will also be celebrated, including those continuing the tradition of hand-crafted instruments. Virginia Currents producer Catherine Komp brings you to the workshop of one of those artisans, violin maker Don Leister.

Beautiful RVA Partnership Seeks to Expand Urban Greening

Cities across the country are realizing the social, environmental and economic benefits of increasing green space. Cost and bureaucracy can hinder these projects, but a new initiative in Richmond seeks to bring together existing resources and empower residents to improve their own neighborhoods. For Virginia Currents, Catherine Komp has more.

Richmond Cycling Corps Expands Resources for Inner-City Youth

After months of work, Richmond residents celebrated the opening of a bike park located in Fairfield Court, one of the city’s public housing projects. An initiative of the Richmond Cycling Corps, the trail is the new practice site for the Armstrong High School Cycling Team and a public asset for the larger neighborhood. For Virginia Currents, Catherine Komp has more.


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