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Vietnam Virginia Remembers Reports

Reports from the 88.9 WCVE. Return to Vietnam: Virginia Remembers Home

Veteran’s Survival In Vietnam Inspires Lifetime Of Healing And Hope

Virginia resident William Haneke arrived in Vietnam in 1968, the deadliest year for U.S. soldiers. The U.S. Army Captain defied death multiple times. His critical injuries would take him on a new journey, focusing on patient advocacy and helping other amputees. In our series Vietnam: Virginia Remembers, Catherine Komp has more for Virginia Currents.

Vietnam Era Music Reflected Change, Peace, Protest

The Vietnam era was a period of profound cultural change in America. In a country fraught with turmoil, disenchantment and uncertainty, the music of the time reflected that unrest. In our series Vietnam: Virginia Remembers, 88.9 WCVE’s John Ogle talked about that music with three Army vets who also had careers in radio.

As U.S. involvement in Vietnam began to escalate in the mid ‘60s, the sound of popular music began to change.

After The Vietnam War, Women Veterans Fight To Preserve Their History

In the years following the Vietnam War, the experiences of civilian and military nurses were featured in films, a TV series, magazine articles and books. In 1993, a bronze sculpture depicting Vietnam nurses was dedicated on the National Mall. But there’s another group of women who served and veterans want more recognition for the female soldiers in the Women’s Army Corps, Air Force, Navy and Marines.

Richmond Activists Recount Efforts Opposing Vietnam War

As opposition to the Vietnam War grew, huge protest rallies in Washington DC and Berkeley, California made the headlines. In Richmond, the movement was smaller and led by a committed group of activists who quietly worked to change people’s minds about the war. In the end, they think they succeeded. 88.9 WCVE’s Mark Huffman has more in our series Vietnam: Virginia Remembers.

From Vietnam to Virginia: Cultivating a Cultural Inheritance

Soon after the city of Saigon fell to North Vietnamese forces in 1975, thousands of people fled the country seeking to escape the reign of the communist government. Many refugees resettled in the U.S., including here in Virginia. In our series Vietnam: Virginia Remembers, Saraya Wintersmith has more for Virginia Currents on one family’s journey.


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