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Sit. Stay. Read. Plumdog is Plum Fun

In 2012, Emma Chichester Clark began chronicling the life of her dog in the Plumdog Blog, an illustrated, often cheeky diary in the voice of Plum, her black “…whoosell, a whippet mixed with Jack Russell and poodle.” Plumdog, Clark’s 2015 book, captures all the fun of the blog and is a delight for dog lovers with its engaging illustrations and text that describes a year in the life of London’s busiest, funniest and most world-wise dog.

Two Children’s Books to Enjoy and Share

Olly Explores 7 Wonders of the Chesapeake Bay, written by Elaine Ann Allen and illustrated by Kelli Nash, is an age-appropriate and fun way to introduce young children to the marvels of the Chesapeake Bay and its wildlife, infrastructure and history. With the curious Olly the Oyster who is looking for adventure, children discover that following the current leads to many wonders big and small. With interactions with Mr. Snail, Mrs. Blue Crab and others, Olly learns about the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem in language that is informative and friendly.


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