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Papyrus: Building Block of Ancient Egypt, Protector of Modern Waters

Author and ecologist John Gaudet’s 2014 book Papyrus: The Plant that Changed the World - From Ancient Egypt to Today’s Water Wars reads like a lecture from my favorite college professor.  Papyrus is well-researched, meticulously documented and interspersed with color photos, maps and diagrams that bring a holistic, understandable and ardent voice to an environmentally-timely subject.

Lone Astronaut Battles the Red Planet

ARES 3 astronaut/mechanical enginer/botanist Mark Watney needs a break. Waking on Mars alone and covered in sand from strong winds that drove a broken airborne antenna through his spacesuit and into his body, every second is critical to his survival. Watney’s injury occurred while trying to reach the Mars Ascent Vehicle (MAV) to leave Mars as NASA had aborted the 6-member mission due to the possibility of wind damage to the MAV.


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