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Furry Logic’s 10th Anniversary Edition: A Little Bit of Snark and a Lot of Cute

Furry Logic’s 10th Anniversary Edition has a lot to recommend it. It is a small, colorful book with a large cat face on the cover - what’s not to like? The book can be read and enjoyed in as little as 10 minutes if you have a squirming toddler on your lap or can be lingered over at your leisure. Best of all, the book has Jane Seabrook’s detailed paintings of animals that render them lifelike with expressions nad body positions that complement the text.

“The Other Language” is a Warm Delight

To me, winter’s cabin fever and shorter days call for travel to warm climes and books of lighter subject matter than in the larger tomes I promise myself I will read before spring’s active months. Francesca Marciano’s The Other Language, a collection of 9 stories about change set in various places in present-day Europe, Africa and the USA, was a balm to my fleece-covered, travel-starved soul.

An Enlightened Road Trip

I wish Tantric Coconuts had been published 20 years earlier. If so, I would have been saved from a stupendously dull class on Comparative Major Religions taught by a professor who demonstrably hated all humans. What she failed to impart in 3 months was easily and entertainingly encapsulated in the 304 pages of Greg Kincaid’s Tantric Coconuts.


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