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Senate Intelligence Committee Consensus: Russians Interfered. Final Report To Come

The top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee says there is no question the Russians attempted to create chaos in our electoral system, and hacking has created a “wild wild west requiring all of us to step up our game.

Virginia Senator Mark Warner, and Republican Chairman Richard Burr presented preliminary findings today (10/5) and Warner says, “I think there is a large consensus they hacked into political files and used those files to influence the election.”

House of Delegates Hopefuls Pledge to Back State Single-Payer

Fifteen of the 54 Democratic candidates running for Republican-held House of Delegates seats are pledging to create a state single-payer health care system if elected.

The group held a Monday afternoon (10/2) press conference, and said the immediate cost for implementing state single-payer would be about $23 billion dollars.


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