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VP Debate Fails To Sway Undecided

Political experts say Vice Presidential debates typically don’t sway voters opinions.

That seems to hold true for at least one Longwood University student who watched last night’s (10/4) debate from inside the exclusive venue. Junior business major Michael Sevride says seeing Governor Mike Pence and Senator Tim Kaine in-person added a new dimension to debate-watching. But even with the palpable moments of tension and levity, he says neither candidate’s quips, attacks or policy points were enough to lure him from the undecided camp.

Holsworth Weighs In On Debate

After a night of fierce attacks on each other’s running mates, a lengthy discussion on foreign policy and a lot of interruptions, the overall effect of last night’s Vice Presidential debate on the state of the race remains to be seen.

Longtime Political Analyst Dr. Bob Holsworth said Tim Kaine was more aggressive litigator than America’s Stepdad.


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