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Federal 3 Judge Panel Upholds 2011 House Redistricting Plan

In a 2-1 decision yesterday (10/22), a federal three-judge panel has upheld 12 majority black districts in the House of Delegates that plaintiffs said diluted African American’s voting power.

The plaintiffs alleged that the House had racially gerrymandered the districts, which is illegal, but the court ruled that they were politically gerrymandered which is legal.

Webb Drops Out of Democratic Race, Considers Independent Run

Jim Webb is withdrawing his bid from the Democratic Nomination for the Presidency and says he’ll spend the next few weeks evaluating running as an independent.

Webb says that on many issues he’s not compatible with the hierarchy of the Democratic Party and Vice Versa.

He believes that the paralysis in both political parties right now could provide an opportunity for an independent candidate to win the White House.

Webb, who has struggled to fundraise says he believes he would have significant financial help if he were to run as an independent.

Webb Considers Run as an Independent

Virginia’s former U.S. Senator, Democrat Jim Webb says he’s considering running as an independent for President of the United States.

Webb has called a press conference for 1:00 p.m. today (10/20) where he will discuss his future plans and his views on both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Webb has a history of working with both. Before serving as a Democratic Senator, he was assistant secretary of Defense and Secretary of the Navy for President Reagan.

Trump Speaks to Thousands at Richmond International Raceway

GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump spoke to thousands of supporters last night (10/14) at Richmond International Raceway.

Trump listed areas where he is performing particularly well in the polls and highlighted specific issues including the economy, foreign policy and illegal immigration where he continues to lead.

Trump got big cheers when he said he would build a wall to keep out illegals.

Several dozen protesters were ejected after chanting “Dump Trump” and getting into shouting matches with his supporters.

Prosecutors Oppose Maureen McDonnell’s Request to Delay Her Appeal

Federal Prosecutors say former Virginia First Lady Maureen McDonnell’s appeal of her 2014 corruption convictions to the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court should proceed as planned in October.

Attorneys for Mrs. McDonnell have requested her appeal be delayed until after the Supreme Court decides whether to hear her husband, former Governor Bob McDonnell’s corruption appeal.

Prosecutors say it’s in the public’s intereste to resolve the case as soon as possible.

New Wason Poll Shows Clinton Losing Ground In Virginia

A Wason Poll just released this morning (10/12) shows Hillary Clinton top choice among Democrats, but losing ground, and Donald Trump top among Republicans, but also with the highest unfavorable rating.

Five months out from Virginia’s Super Tuesday primary in March and almost half the voters in the state say they are following the presidential candidates with interest.

McAuliffe Says Congress Needs a Real Budget

Last week Congress temporarily avoided large reductions in federal funding that remove billions of dollars in defense and other areas right here in Virginia, but Governor Terry McAuliffe says the hard work is yet to be done.

The cuts are still pending but the deadline was moved from October 1st to December 11th.

For now in the absence of a new budget, Congress is keeping the country running on a continuing resolution.

Governor McAuliffe says these CR’s don’t help Governors across the country.

Wason Poll Says Virginia Voters Leaning Republican, But Senate Up For Grabs

A Wason Poll released this morning (9/25) at 6:00 says voters are leaning Republican in the upcoming General Assembly races, but Democrats may still win back control of the Virginia Senate.

Dr. Quentin Kidd, Director of the Wason Center, says among all voters, Democrats and Republicans are statistically tied in the six highly contested Senate races and the results suggest Democrats have time to engage their likely voters and possibly break the Republican hold.


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