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McAuliffe Says Congress Needs a Real Budget

Last week Congress temporarily avoided large reductions in federal funding that remove billions of dollars in defense and other areas right here in Virginia, but Governor Terry McAuliffe says the hard work is yet to be done.

The cuts are still pending but the deadline was moved from October 1st to December 11th.

For now in the absence of a new budget, Congress is keeping the country running on a continuing resolution.

Governor McAuliffe says these CR’s don’t help Governors across the country.

Wason Poll Says Virginia Voters Leaning Republican, But Senate Up For Grabs

A Wason Poll released this morning (9/25) at 6:00 says voters are leaning Republican in the upcoming General Assembly races, but Democrats may still win back control of the Virginia Senate.

Dr. Quentin Kidd, Director of the Wason Center, says among all voters, Democrats and Republicans are statistically tied in the six highly contested Senate races and the results suggest Democrats have time to engage their likely voters and possibly break the Republican hold.


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