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Congressman Brat And Virginia Attorney General React To Travel Order

President Trump has issued a new travel order affecting seven Muslim countries. Reaction from Virginia’s elected officials has been along party lines. Republicans like it, Democrat don’t.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, who filed a legal challenge of the original travel order said the new one “sends a horrible message to the world.” Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, also Democrats, issued statements disagreeing with President Trump.

Political Analysis for Friday, March 3, 2017

Trump uses Virginia, a state he didn’t carry, as a backdrop for his proposed military buildup. On Thursday (3/2), Trump visits Newport News Shipbuilding, one of the state’s biggest manufacturers; among its biggest employers and one likely to prosper under Trump’s call for a 10 percent increase in the Pentagon budget.

Democratic congressman whose district includes shipyard, Bobby Scott, welcomes the proposed buildup as jobs-generator, but objects to financing Defense Department with cuts in human services.

GOP Says Commission to Redraw Contested District Lines “Premature”

Governor McAuliffe yesterday (3/2) called on GOP House leaders to drop their legal fight over redistricting and let an independent, non-partisan panel redraw new boundaries.

In a conference call late yesterday, House Speaker William J. Howell called the Governor’s letter hypocritical and premature.

On Wednesday (3/1), The U.S. Supreme Court instructed a lower court to re-examine whether the Virginia General Assembly unconstitutionally stuffed African-American voters into some districts, that could favor the Republican controlled General Assembly.

President Trump Visits Newport News and Gerald R. Ford Carrier

President Trump took his proposed 54 billion dollar increase in defense spending to a receptive audience at Newport News Shipbuilding yesterday (3/2), and promised a12-carrier Navy aboard the newest, biggest and best, the Gerald R. Ford.

It was a warm reception at the place that builds Navy ships, in a state heavily dependent upon military spending.

His greatest applause came when he talked about his defense budget.

Governor McAuliffe says sequestration cost Virginia $9 billion dollars and 150,000 jobs.

Sessions Recuses and Trump Lauds, But Pressure Continues

Yesterday’s (3/2) assurance that President Trump supports Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the A.G.’s agreement to recuse himself from Russian influence probes didn’t quench the fires over his Congressional testimony--or Russia.

Political analyst Quentin Kidd understands why then-Senator Sessions, serving on the Armed Services Committee, might omit two chats with a Russian ambassador. But Kidd also understands why some are calling for perjury charges. “During the Nixon administration, people were indicted for things that seemed less clear that what we’ve just seen,” said Kidd.


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