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Wason Poll Front-Runners for Govenor: Gillespie and Northam, But Most Undecided

An early poll from Christopher Newport University in thegovernor’s race confirms the expected front-runners for both parties, but asCharles Fishburne reports, there are many undecideds, and room for change.

The Wason poll is a first indicator of who is top-running for Virginia’s next governor.

Rachel Bitercofer is assistant director. She says 50 percent of Republicans are undecided at this early stage, and 60% of the Democrats polled have not made up their minds.

Director Quentin Kidd says anything could happen.

Commonwealth of Virginia Joins Federal Lawsuit Against President Trump

The Commonwealth of Virginia is joining a federal lawsuit against President Donald Trump over his temporary order restricting immigration and suspending admission of refugees.

Aziz v Trump was filed by two brothers who are lawful permanent U.S. residents but were forced on Saturday by U.S. customs agents to give up their green cards upon returning to Dulles airport from Yemen.

Attorney General Mark Herring joined the case late yesterday, saying “This order is unlawful, unconstitutional and un-American. Action is required.”

Political Analysis For Friday, 1/27/17

Republicans push pay raises for state workers, state police.

Virginia senators are digging in against some Trump Cabinet nominees. Kaine – already opposing Rex Tillerson for State – will vote against Betsy DeVos for education secretary, expressing concerns about her supposedly hostile views on public education and possible ethical conflicts thru her family’s vast fortune. Warner says he’ll vote against Jeff Sessions for attorney general, citing Session’s perceived hostility to voting and civil rights.

UVA Student Groups and Faculty Members Plan Rally, Protests, Teach-in Friday

A group of University of Virginia Students and faculty members is planning a walk-out on inauguration day.

Members of the Black Student Alliance and other advocacy groups, plan a walk-out, a rally and a teach-in.

Westin Gobar is Political Action Chair of the Black Student Alliance. He says there will be a teach-in and workshop on protest and practical political action as they face four years of a Trump presidency, beginning with local government.


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