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McAuliffe Vetos Coal Tax Credit

Governor Terry McAuliffe has vetoed a bill to renew existing coal tax credits that supporters say support jobs in Southside and Southwest Virginia.

Governor McAuliffe invited the press into his office at the state capitol as he vetoed the bill in front of the cameras, saying the coal tax credit doesn’t work. McAuliffe says he has the votes to ensure the legislature cannot override this veto.

Assembly Works Towards Transparency In Drug Costs

The General Assembly is set to take some small steps toward bringing greater transparency to the costs of prescription drugs.

Republican Senator Emmett Hanger of Augusta tried unsuccessfully earlier this session to require pharmaceutical companies to offer an explanation if their drug treatments exceed $10,000.

Drug-makers said sharing the costs of developing, manufacturing and marketing such medications would give inside information to their competitors.

Governor Vetoes Bill to Prohibit Localities from Removing War Memorials

Governor McAuliffe has vetoed a bill that would have prohibited cities and counties from removing war memorials, including Civil War Monuments that recall the South’s history of slavery.

Supporters of the bill said it would protect the state’s historical record, opponents said that it would stymie local debate over how to treat painful symbols of the Confederacy.

The Governor said “these discussions are difficult and complicated, unique to each community, and the bill would have effectively ended what he called “these important discussions.”

State Invests in Mental Health

The state will invest $31 million in mental health services and substance abuse treatment in the agreement budget lawmakers are expected to pass Friday (3/11). The money will increase capacity for treatment through prevention and community based services.

Democratic Senator Barbara Favola of Fairfax says she’s particularly excited about $3.5 million in new spending for child psychiatric and crisis intervention services.

Favola says localities will be able to leverage the state’s investment with their local dollars for maximum impact.


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