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Budget Shortfall Impacts Needed Programs and Basketball for Cancer Research

The state’s most recent 4.3 billion dollar shortfall is putting the brakes on improvements to some programs that legislators say are desperately needed and the Governor and his staff as well as the House and Senate took to the basketball court last night to raise money for cancer research.

Doctors React to Medicaid Cuts and Athlete Concussion Bill

The majority of doctors participating in a survey across the Commonwealth have said that further proposed cuts to Medicaid reimbursement will force them to stop accepting Medicaid patients altogether and a bill is going before the House Education Committee today is aimed at keeping student athletes who have sustained a concussion off the playing field until they have fully recovered.

Planned Parenthood Funding, Criticism of State attorney General, and Budget Amendments

A conservative group has petitioned the Governor to ban state funding for Planned Parenthood, the Attorney General is receiving criticism from environmental groups because of his petition to the EPA challenging their position on global warming and legislators continue to react to Governor McDonnell’s budget amendments.


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