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Republicans Maintain Control of State Senate In Expensive, Off-year Election

Virginia Republicans have maintained control of the state Senate in an expensive, off-year election battle.

After millions of dollars were spent, not a single seat changed hands in the Virginia Senate race, with the GOP retaining its 21-19 lead. All House Republican incumbents held off their challengers yesterday (11/3) and appeared to firm up their majority in there.

Democratic Governor McAuliffe led a well-financed effort to tilt the balance in the Senate, but it did not happen.

Election Day

Polls opened across the state at 6:00 a.m. this morning (11/3) and close tonight at 7:00 p.m.

And before the day is over, control of the Virginia Senate will be decided.

Republicans now hold a 21-19 edge, but Democrats hope to end that, and one of the key races is in the Richmond area between Democrat Dan Gecker and Republican Glen Sturtevant, that has received national attention and out-of-state money.

The outcome could affect Governor McCauliffe’s key initiatives, from the budget, to Medicaid expansion, to gun control in the Commonwealth.

Hillary Clinton Pledges Stronger Gun Laws

At a rally in Alexandria today (10/23) for grassroots supporters, Hillary Clinton pledged to protect Americans from what she calls the plague of gun violence.

Clinton says the majority of Americans and gun owners agree for stronger gun safety laws.

Clinton says the NRA represents gun manufacturers and sellers as opposed to gun owners. She called on them to start a competing organization. Clinton told supporters congress has given the gun industry immunity from litigation for just about everything, she vowed to repeal that law if elected.


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