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At VCU Town Hall, Kasich Touts His Experience and Independence

With one week until Virginia’s Super Tuesday primary Ohio Governor John Kasich spoke to hundreds of voters yesterday evening for a Town Hall forum at VCU’s medical campus. Governor Kasich made his appeal to both establishment voters and those frustrated with the process noting while he’s got decades of experience within the system he’s maintained his independence throughout that career. Kasich took questions from the audience on immigration, social security, student debt, mental health and world affairs.

General Assembly Reveals Budgets

The House of Delegates and the Senate are out with budget bills for both the current and upcoming biennia.

Both Republican-controlled chambers are promoting their bills as conservative and sustainable spending plans.

During budget presentations Sunday (2/21), Senate Majority Leader and Finance Committee co-chair, Tommy Norment, said the smaller groups took their time deliberating how to best use state dollars.

The House of Delegates also reigned in the governor’s proposals slashing medicaid expansion, while providing additional dollars for education investment.


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