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McDonnell’s Attorneys to Appeal Verdict

Governor Bob McDonnell and his attorneys should file an appeal to his September conviction on 11 counts of public corruption later this evening (Jan. 7) or early tommorrow.

The written appeal will use transcripts and court documents from the trial to present potential legal errors that were made during the proceedings.

Richard Kelsey, Assistant Dean of the George Mason School of Law, says it’s likely the appeal would not be heard for 4-5 months

McDonnell Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison, 2 Years Probation

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell was sentenced Tuesday to 2 years in prison and 2 years probation for his conviction on 11 counts of public corruption.

McDonnell received far less time than the original sentencing guidelines of 10-12 years recommended. The former Governor thanked Judge Spencer for his mercy.

McDonnell is scheduled to report to prison February 9th. He says he will appeal the jury’s verdict.

Former First Lady Maureen McDonnell will be sentenced February 20th.

Prosecutors Call McDonnell Sentence a Victory

Prosecutors say former Governor Bob McDonnell’s 2-year prison sentence is a victory for the U.S. Justice Department.

Yesterday (1/6) former Governor Doug Wilder got applause when testifying as a character witness for McDonnell, when he said it was Jonnie Williams, who gave McDonnell the multitude of gifts, that should be prosecuted.

Dana Boente U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia disagrees. He told reporters cases of public corruption must be prosecuted vigorously.

Democrats Win Two House Seats in Special Elections

Democrats won two special elections for the House of Delegates last night.

Democrat Kathleen Murphy defeated Republican Craig Parisot for the 34th district house race. Murphy replaces Republican Barbara Comstock of who was elected to Congress. The 34th includes parts of Fairfax and Loudon Counties.

And in the 63rd district which includes Petersburg parts of Chesterfield, Dinwiddie, Hopewell and Prince George, Democrat Joseph Preston defeated Independent W.H. Mouse Jones. Preston will replace Democrat Rosalyn Dance who was elected to the state Senate.

Council Chooses New Leadership, School Board Re-elects Its

Richmond City Council has elected a new president and Vice President, and the Richmond School Board has re-elected its leadership team.

City council voted unanimously last night to elect 9th District Councilwoman Michelle Mosby as council President. She replaces 2nd District Councilman Charles Samuels and will be the first African American woman to lead the chamber.

Also by unanimous vote 3rd District Councilman Chris Hilbert was elected Vice President. He succeeds 6th District Councilwoman Ellen Robertson.

Legal Observers Ponder McDonnell Sentence

Federal prosecutors say former Governor Bob McDonnell should serve 10-12 years in prison. His defense attorneys are asking for 3 years of community service. But what is McDonnell likely to receive?

Legal Analyst Todd Stone says Judge James Spencer’s opinion of the former Governor’s sworn testimony is likely to be a key factor in sentencing. But that Spencer may show some mercy because of McDonnell’s age, starting a prison term at 60.

Assistant Dean of the George Mason School of Law, Richard Kelsey says community service is unlikely.

Bob McDonnell to be Sentenced

Former Governor Bob McDonnell will be sentenced today (Jan. 6) for 11 counts of corruption.

Defense attorneys are likely to voice their objections to the sentencing guideline calculations.  Judge James Spencer would then rule on whether he will decrease the range of those guidelines.

Family, friends and former colleagues may be given the opportunity to be called as character witnesses.

Spencer has discretion to deliver a sentence that falls short of these guidelines or exceeds them. He could also deliver a combination of prison time and community service.

Lawsuit Could Have Significant Impact on House of Delegates Districts

A lawsuit filed late last month in Federal District Court could have a significant impact on many of the House of Delegates districts and dramatically change the political makeup of the lower chamber.

The suit says that in 2011, the Republican-controlled House of Delegates racially gerrymandered 12 districts by packing them with 55% or more black voters.

Republicans currently hold a 68-seat supermajority in the 100-member house.

McDonnell to be Sentenced Tuesday

Former Governor Bob McDonnell will be sentenced tomorrow (1/6) for his eleven convictions on charges of corruption.

If the prosecution has their way, McDonnell could become the first Virginia governor sentenced to federal prison. They want him to spend 10-12 years there.

McDonnell’s lawyers are seeking 6,000 hours or roughly 3 years of community service.

Defense Attorneys have produced over 400 letters from family, elected leaders and supporters asking Judge James Spencer for leniency in sentencing the former governor.


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