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Tie Vote Declared in Virginia's 94th House District

A court has now declared a tie in a House of Delegates election that appeared to have gone to a Democrat by one vote the day before. The new development is the latest in a high-stakes race that could help determine which of the two major political parties control the chamber, or if the sides must broker a power-sharing agreement.

A three-judge panel officially declared the 94th District in Newport News as tied at 11,608 to 11,608 Wednesday (12/20). The certification came a day after a recount appeared to give Democrat Shelly Simonds the victory over Republican Del. David Yancey.

Democrat Wins 94th District Recount, Tips House Power Balance

Update 12/21/2017: Tie Vote Declared in Virginia's 94th House District

Following what many called a “wave election” in November, Democrats appear to have flipped a 16th House of Delegates seat thanks to a recount in Newport News. Saraya Wintersmith reports the new result means the chamber is now evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.


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