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Virginia Reports $140 Million Revenue Reduction

Governor Terry McAuliffe has announced a state revenue reduction of $140 million due to weaker than expected January and fiscal year-to-date tax collections. The Governor and Finance Secretary Ric Brown have taken action to address the shortfall.  The state will miss a $60 million scheduled deposit to the Rainy Day Fund in 2016. Another $40 million will be offset by the upcoming budget’s unappropriated balance, $15 million will be used from the State Lottery, and the balance will be covered by surplus revenues from the Department of Education.


Assembly 2014: Status of Capital Punishment Unclear as Virginia Senate Delays Electric Chair Bill

The State Senate has delayed action on a bill that would re-establish the electric chair as Virginia’s primary method of execution, possibly killing it for the year and placing the practice of capital punishment in the state in jeopardy.  Currently, those sentenced to die in Virginia have the option of selecting either lethal injection or electrocution as the means of execution. Should the inmate not choose, the method used is lethal injection.  This is administered through a three-drug cocktail.


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