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General Assembly Adjourns with No Budget, No Medicaid Agreement: Governor Calls Special Session March 24

The General Assembly has adjourned without a budget and no agreement on expanding the state’s Medicaid program. The current House and Senate budget drafts are now dead with the adjournment of the regular session. Governor Terry McAuliffe has called a special session bringing the legislature back to Richmond on March 24th. They will then amend and try to find a compromise on a new budget that the Governor will introduce at that time.  This is the fifth time the legislature has gone into overtime because of a budget impasse since 2001.

GA Fails to Extend Session for Budget Talks; McAuliffe Announces Dual Health Program

Governor Terry McAuliffe has announced a major Medicaid reform he says clears the way for some form of expansion, while the House and Senate held procedural votes that set the stage for the General Assembly to adjourn March 8 without a budget.  McAuliffe announced the launch of Commonwealth Coordinated Care, a program that will blend into one plan and coordinate Medicare and Medicaid benefits for 78,000 Virginians now eligible for both programs.


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