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AG's Office Teaching Connection Between Pet Abuse, Domestic Violence

The Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance says there are connections between those who abuse animals and those who abuse people, and they’re training law enforcement and animal control officers as well as domestic violence advocates in a comprehensive new program to prevent violence against both.

Prevention of domestic violence at all levels is the goal of the program.

Senior Assistant Attorney General Michelle Welch, Director of the Animal Law Unit, says animals can be a resource to tell law enforcement officers what’s going on in the home.

Hillary Clinton to Appear at Democratic Fundraiser in Virginia

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton will make an appearance at a Democratic Party fundraising event in Virginia.

The Democratic Party of Virginia says Clinton will appear in the state on June 26th, but no other details about the appearance were available yesterday (5/14).

She is considered the front-runner for the Democratic party’s nomination nationally and in Virginia, but in a recent Wason poll, fell behind Republican Jeb Bush 48% to 46% among potential Virginia voters.

J. Schapiro: McDonnell Appeal Heard; Clinton to Speak; McAuliffe Pardons Wrongly Convicted Man; Judicial Appointments

Jeff Schapiro of the Times-Dispatch offers analysis of the Bob McDonnell appeal, Hillary Clinton's planned appearance in Virginia, Terry McAuliffe's pardon of a man who was convicted and served 29 years for a crime he did not commit, and McAullife's opportunity to appointment several judges.

Morrissey Photo Again Raises Paternity Questions

A photo of former Delegate Joe Morrissey is circulating on social media today, which appears to show him and Myrna Pride posing with her infant child.

Morrissey, Pride and the child are all dressed in historic southern attire and smiling.

Morrissey had been accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with Pride last year. She was 17 at the time and working in his law office.

Morrissey was cleared of all charges relating to the relationship in March.

He visited Pride in Atlanta for the baby’s birth but to date has not admitted paternity.

Democrats Seeking Watkins Seat Participate in Forum

The three Democratic candidates in the race for the 10th district state Senate seat, now held by retiring Republican John Watkins, addressed voters questions directly last night at a forum moderated by 88.9 WCVE’s Craig Caper.

Chersterfield County Supervisor Dan Gecker says he wants to address the district’s income divide.

Emily Francis, an environmental advocate who’s worked for 16 years in non profits, says she’s the only proven progressive choice for Democrats.

Former Democratic Attorneys General Support McDonnell

Two former attorneys general were on hand at former Governor Bob McDonnell’s appeal yesterday (5/12), to say his conviction sets a dangerous precedent for politicians across the country.

50 former Attorneys General signed an amicus brief in support of McDonnell.

All three of the judges on the panel were appointed by Democratic presidents - two by President Clinton and one by President Obama. Though Francisco says they are a fair and impartial tribunal and he expects a fair and impartial ruling.

McDonnell Attorneys and Prosecutors Argue Appeal

Attorneys for former Governor Bob McDonnell argued before the 4th U. S.Circuit Court of Appeals May 12 that his September conviction on charges of bribery and corruption should be thrown out.

McDonnell and his attorneys insist that a meeting he arranged with Health Secretary Bill Hazel and an informational luncheon at the Governor’s mansion were improperly defined by Judge James Spencer as official acts.

Francisco says Judge Spencer did not allow jurors to be thoroughly questioned on whether they had formed an opinion on the case based on pretrial coverage.

McDonnell’s Appeal to be Heard May 12

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell will appear before the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Tuesday (5/12) as his attorneys argue that his conviction last September on corruption and bribery charges should be thrown out.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys will have a half hour each to make their cases to the three-judge panel.

McDonnell’s lawyers say the decision could have far reaching implications making felons of countless elected officials nationwide and criminalizing the business of politics. A decision could take weeks or months.

JLARC Seeks to Reduce Cost of Medicaid

The state’s legislative watchdog group, JLARC, met Monday (5/11) to discuss ongoing studies on controlling costs in higher education and reviewing the state’s Medicaid program.

JLARC wants to know how efficiently the state is administering Medicaid services and what more they can do through best practices to produce further cost savings.

Republican Delegate Steve Landes of Augusta says the cost of providing Medicaid has grown 8% annually to nearly a quarter of the state’s budget over the past 20 years.

McDonnell Appeal Set For Arguments In Federal Court May 12

A federal appeals court will hear arguments tomorrow in the case of former Governor McDonnell, convicted of public corruption and sentenced to two years.

It is the same court that has allowed McDonnell and his wife to remain free on bond during the appeal.

Legal experts say that decision suggests the court believes at least some of the issues raised on appeal are a close call.


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