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Republicans Respond To Rights Restoration Move

Republican state lawmakers are responding to Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe’s latest move to restore voting and political office rights to felons.

Governor McAuliffe announced Monday (8/22) the details of a new rights restoration plan that includes individualized reviews of felons who are out of state custody and have finished their sentences.

“In the interest of transparency, on the 15th of each month, we will release the names of the individuals whose rights we have restored,” said McAuliffe.

Trump Makes Appearance In Fredericksburg

The Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, was in Virginia this weekend, appearing at the Fredericksburg Expo Center on the home turf of his opponent’s running mate Tim Kaine.

The speech was “Teleprompter Trump,” none of the off-the-cuff extemporaneous talk that has kept him in the headlines. He quoted statistics from the Heritage Foundation and congressional subcommittees.

But the crowd at the Fredericksburg Expo Center like the old Trump — including his effort to undermine President Barack Obama by demanding his birth certificate.

Kaine Thanks Supporters At Homecoming Rally

Last night (8/1) Senator Tim Kaine, now the Democratic nominee for Vice President, gave an emotional speech to a crowd of over 2,000 supporters at a homecoming rally at Huguenot High School.

“This will be the hardest speech that I have to give during the entire campaign. This speech is harder. How do I sum up and then give thanks for 32 years of friendship in RVA? Very Very hard.”

Kaine was enthusiastically received by friends and supporters, some holding signs that read “We heart Tim” and “America’s Dad.”

Kaine Says It's Time To Support A Strong Woman For President

As Richmond’s former councilman and mayor returned home for his first speech, he brought some ideas about gender dynamics in the upcoming election.

Huguenot High School’s gym was packed Monday night (8/1) as the newly nominated Democratic Vice Presidential candidate spoke about the roles men and women have historically played in political life.

Senator Kaine’s comments elicited applause from more than 2-thousand attendees including 59 year old Sharon Hill, who believes the country needs an experienced woman at the helm.


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