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Senate Passes Limited Airbnb Regulations

The Senate narrowly passed a bill 20-19 that would create a limited regulatory structure for websites like Airbnb that rent homes or rooms like hotels, though the hospitality industry says it doesn’t enforce tax collection.

The legislation would prevent localities from banning the use of Airbnb and would allow homeowners to pay taxes for their rentals but would not require them to do so. Republican Senator Jill Vogel of Faquier is the bill’s patron.

House Passes Religious Freedom Bill

On the day of the crossover deadline, the House of Delegates has passed a contentious religious freedom bill.

Patrons of HB 773 like Delegate Todd Gilbert say the bill is meant to prevent discrimination against those who define marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

Delegate Mark Sickles, who is openly gay, says the bill empowers discrimination against those with different beliefs.

The bill passed 56 to 41. Governor McAuliffe has previously vowed to veto legislation that targets same-sex marriage.

Senate Defeats Charter School Constitutional Amendment, House Passes It

The state Senate has defeated a bill that would put a constitutional amendment on the ballot that would make it easier to open charter schools.

Most of the GOP voted in favor of the bill, which they say gives students enrolled in failing schools more learning options.

Though 2 Republicans voted with the Democrats, many of whom have long complained that charters drain funds from traditional k-12 schools.

Democratic Senator Mamie Locke of Hampton says other options are available.

COPN Reform and Repeal Bills Pass House

The House of Delegates passed two bills today (2/15) that would make significant changes to the state system for approving health care construction projects.

Hospitals say Certificate of Public Need Program or COPN gives them the ability to provide access to critical healthcare services to low income patients that otherwise would not be profitable.

Republicans say the program gives hospitals a monopoly to provide other more profitable services, prohibiting outpatient care centers from offering the same services.


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