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U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Virginia’s New Congressional Districts

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected a Republican challenge to Virginia’s new congressional map, which was redrawn after a federal three judge panel twice found that one district was racially gerrymandered.

The high court said Republicans did not have standing to bring the case as they could produce no injured party.

Previous rulings from the lower court panel found that Virginia’s Republican controlled legislature had packed black voters in the 3rd district, weakening their voting power in others.

Housing Commission Wrestles With Airbnb

The Virginia Housing Commission is studying how to best implement laws for short-term rental housing throughout the state.

Delegate Chris Peace chairs the commission’s Airbnb work group. He says right now, the group is trying to reconcile concerns from home-owners who use the platform to make extra money and concerns from localities and hospitality industry representatives who say they’re losing money.

Fight Continues Over Rights Restoration

Newly released data from Governor Terry McAuliffe’s administration shows a snap shot of who is benefiting from his April 22nd rights restoration order.

Nearly 80% of the newly enfranchised felons are non-violent. Half are white and 75% are male - that’s all according to a press release from the Democratic Governor who argues each of them has paid their debts to society and deserves to cast a ballot and be considered for jury duty.

Fifth District Congressional Race Shaping Up

Four Republicans are lining up to replace retiring Fifth District Republican Congressman Robert Hurt.

Last weekend, the Democrats nominated Jane Dittmar at the party’s district convention in Nelson County, and this coming weekend, it is the Republican’s turn with four candidates seeking the nomination.

They are State Senator Tom Garrett, former congressional security adviser Joseph Whited, Developer Jim McKelvey and technology executive Michael Del Rosso.

Ed Gillespie Throws Support Behind Trump

Donald Trump is now clearly poised to become the Republican Presidential nominee and Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie says he’ll vote for Trump come November.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports Ed Gillespie made the statement Wednesday evening (5/4) saying this year’s election will decide the White House and the Supreme Court “for a generation or more.”

Gillespie’s comments come as 17 other candidates pursuing the Republican presidential nomination have all suspended their campaigns.

Pundits See Governor Boosting Virginia For Clinton

In this newly narrowed race, pundits at the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics see Hillary Clinton beating Trump in November--with a boost from the Virginia Governor.

Terry McAuliffe’s restoration of former felons’s voting rights might net Clinton as many as 30,000 votes, according to the Center’s Geoffrey Skelley. “So I don’t think that’s going to necessarily decide the election, but it can’t hurt.”

CNN Talks Up Tim Kaine As Possible Democratic VP Running Mate

Virginia Democratic Senator Tim Kaine may be emerging as an early favorite to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate among major Democratic donors and congressional Democrats.

CNN yesterday (5/3) talked with Democratic Strategist Bob Beckel. He also talked about Julian Castro, Secretary of Housing and Masachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Republicans To Sue Over Governor's Rights Restoration

Republican state legislators are gearing up for a legal battle over the Governor's recent restoration of rights order. House of Delegates Speaker Bill Howell and State Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment say they've retained an attorney to challenge Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe's order that gives thousands of convicted felons their civil and voting rights back. The lawyer, CHARLES Cooper served in President Ronald Reagan's administration as an assistant attorney general -- He's also made appearances before the U.S.


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