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McAuliffe Won't Step Down For Cabinet Position

For months, Republicans have been buzzing about the possibility that Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe might be stepping down before the end of his term to take a position in a potential Hillary Clinton administration. Now the governor is saying thanks but no thanks. He’s keeping his day job.

Few people have ever seemed to enjoy being governor more than Terry McAuliffe. But his close relationship with the Clintons has fueled months of speculation that McAuliffe might step down before the end his term to become a Cabinet secretary.

Now the governor says forget about it.

Rights Restoration Accidentally Restores Rights To Wrong People

Prosecutors are finding more cases of mistaken voting and civic rights restored as a result of Governor Terry McAuliffe's April Rights Restoration order.

Even though Governor Terry McAuliffe's administration has denied access to the list of felons whose rights have been restored, Loudoun County Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Plowman says he and his colleagues have already come across at least 5 cases of rights restored when they shouldn't be.

Plowman argues an individualized review process would prevent the errors from happening.

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Virginia’s New Congressional Districts

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected a Republican challenge to Virginia’s new congressional map, which was redrawn after a federal three judge panel twice found that one district was racially gerrymandered.

The high court said Republicans did not have standing to bring the case as they could produce no injured party.

Previous rulings from the lower court panel found that Virginia’s Republican controlled legislature had packed black voters in the 3rd district, weakening their voting power in others.


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