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Kaine Says Questions Don’t End With Flynn Resignation -- Just Getting Started

On Monday (2/13), another of President Donald Trump’s key advisors -- National Security Advisor Michael Flynn -- stepped down as the controversy swirled on Capitol Hill.

In the wake of the resignation of Lieutenant General Michael Flynn as the National Security Advisor over concerns about his communications with the Russian Government, 88.39 WCVE reached out to U.S. Senator Tim Kaine about what this means for the new administration. “One of the problems,” says Senator Kaine, “is the Trump Administration’s ability to hold the trust of the American Public and our Allies.”

House Chair Squashes Abortion Bills, Democrats Push Back Against Trump

Republicans are quietly killing abortion bills without debate following President Trump’s appointment of Neil Gorsuch to fill Antonin Scalia’s Supreme Court seat.

Attorney General Mark Herring filed a legal challenge against President Trump’s immigration order, and Dave Brat is accused of being inaccessible to his constituents.

Jeff Schapiro has this week’s political analysis.


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