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Maureen McDonnell Told Ann Romney Anatabloc Could Cure MS

In sworn testimony Monday, a senior political advisor to former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, said in 2012 McDonnell’s wife Maureen sought a meeting with Mitt Romney to discuss the benefits of Anatabloc, the dietary supplement now at the center of their corruption trial. Phil Cox, a long time advisor to McDonnell, said he dismissed the First Ladies’ idea because the scheduling would have been impossible. Though Cox said he was horrified when Mrs. McDonnell told Ann Romney, that Anatabloc could help cure her multiple sclerosis.

Congressman Eric Cantor Says He Will Resign August 18th, Calls For Special Election

Congressman Eric Cantor says he will step down and resign from the House early and has asked Governor McAuliffe to call for a special election to coincide with the November 4th general election to choose his successor. It came as a shock and only hours after Cantor said farewell to his colleges as the number 2 GOP leader in the House.

Williams Says He Knew Giving McDonnells Gifts Was Wrong

Jonnie Williams, the star witness in the corruption trial of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen, told prosecutors he gave the family over $150,000 worth of gifts and loans because they were helping his company. Williams, the former CEO of dietary supplement manufacturer Star Scientific, said he knew what he was doing was wrong and could be illegal.

When asked about a 6,000 dollar Rolex he purchased for Governor McDonnell at Maureen’s request he told prosecutors “I shouldn’t have to buy things like that to get the help I needed."

Williams Says Maureen McDonnell Requested Gifts

In sworn testimony late yesterday afternoon Jonnie Williams told federal prosecutors that Maureen McDonnell came to him for help and asked for a $50,000 loan and  $15,000 to pay for the catering at her daughter Cailin’s wedding. Williams said in 2011 the former first lady told him she and Governor McDonnell had discussed filing for bankruptcy because of excessive credit card debt and multiple rental properties purchased at the height of the housing bubble that were a drain on their finances.

Bobby McDonnell Testfies About Gifts from Williams

The McDonnell’s son Bobby took the stand yesterday, confirming gifts to the family and golf trips from Jonnie Williams and filling in details. Bobby said when he first saw the now famous Rolex watch paid for by Williams but given as a Christmas gift by Maureen to her husband, he thought it was a blackmarket knockoff purchased on a recent trade mission to Asia. Bobby noticed the second hand ticked instead of rolling perpetually, the trademark of a Rolex.

Williams Testifies in McDonnell Case

Jonnie Williams, the dietary supplement manufacturer who gave former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen over $150,000 in gifts and loans while seeking clinical trials from state universities, took the stand today in their corruption trial.

In 2011 Williams hand-delivered Maureen McDonnell a $50,000 check to help cover the mortgage at their vacation house in Virginia Beach. When the prosecution asked about his motivations for the gift and whether he considered the McDonnell’s friends he replied “No, this was a business relationship.”

Maureen McDonnell had “Crush” on Jonnie Williams, Lawyers Say

Defense attorneys for Maureen McDonnell say the former first lady had a “crush” on Jonnie Williams, the man who gave her and her husband, former Governor Bob McDonnell, over $150,000 in loans and gifts. The McDonnell’s separate defense teams both say there was a rift between the former first couple that predated their introduction Williams and that their marriage had broken down, precluding them from committing a conspiracy. \


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