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Schapiro: Morrissey's New Charges; McAuliffe Out of Hospital; US 460 Deal Blasted

Richmond Times-Dispatch columnist and WCVE analyst Jeff Schapiro discusses the latest charges against Del. Joe Morrissey, the Governor's injuries, the legislative attack on the McDonnell administration's transportation policies, and the General Assembly's narrow refusal to ban in-state tuition for certain undocumented immigrants.

Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana Faces Uphill Climb

A bill to decriminalize marijuana faces an uphill climb at the General Assembly. The bill would reduce the penalty for simple possession from a misdemeanor charge to a civil penalty of $100 and adult users would no longer lose their driver’s licenses if convicted of marijuana possession.

Democratic Senator Adam Ebbin of Alexandria is the bill’s patron.

The bill has been reintroduced for years only to be killed before it ever reaches the floor.

Virginia arrests 20,000 citizens per year for cannabis possession.

Morrissey Indicted on New Charges of Perjury and Forgery, Surrenders to Sheriff

Embattled Delegate Joe Morrissey has surrendered to the Henrico Sheriff’s office and was released on a $10,000 bond following his indictment yesterday on 4 new felony charges of perjury and forgery.

The new charges all stem from Morrissey’s plea deal last month, which sent him to jail for six months for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Morrissey avoided a lengthier sentence for more serious charges through this plea but prosecutors now say some of the documents the delegate provided in that process were forged.

General Assembly Targets Human Traffickers

The General Assembly will consider legislation this year to streamline the state code to make cases of human trafficking easier to prosecute.

Virginia has been strengthening laws related to human trafficking for several years now. The commonwealth has gone from having some of the weakest laws in the country to some of the strongest. Though these changes are spread throughout different sections of the state code and can be difficult to navigate.


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