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Public School Teacher Joins Virginia Board of Education

The newest member of Virginia’s State Board of Education is a 29-year-old public school teacher and the Vice Mayor of Charlottesville. “I believe in making sure that we give the kids everything we can to be successful. That’s my job as a teacher,” says Bellamy. “I’m literally getting paid a salary to do something that I love to do and in the meantime, while I’m loving doing my job, I’m getting to help people, what’s better than that?”

Lifelong Lessons in Conflict Resolution

For more than a decade, the Richmond Peace Education Center has trained students and teachers in conflict resolution.

Learning Curve producer Catherine Komp spoke with the Center’s Paul Fleisher and two students, Kevin Amoroso and Medha Majety about how these tools help change the dynamic inside and outside the classroom.

Find out more about the Richmond Peace Education Center’s conflict resolution programs.

Redesigning High School for the 21st Century

High Schools in Virginia are on a path to offer a very different type of education. The changes recommended by the SOL Innovation Committee aim to better equip students for their goals after graduation.

On 88.9 WCVE’s Learning Curve, Catherine Komp finds out more about high school redesign with Anne Holton, Virginia’s Secretary of Education.

Find out more about the SOL Innovation Committee, its recommendations and upcoming meetings.

Coalition Works to Expand Environmental Literacy

Across the country, there’s growing support for increased environmental education in K through 12 curriculum.

In Virginia, advocates are building a “No Child Left Inside” coalition to get more teachers trained and more students connected to the natural world.

On this edition of 88.9 WCVE’s Learning Curve, Catherine Komp speaks with Bill Portlock, Senior Educator at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Beth Lewis, Gifted Resource Teacher at Holman Middle School.


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