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Expanding Computer Science Literacy in Virginia

One of the new laws taking effect in July will expand computer literacy in Virginia. The bill changes the Commonwealth’s Standards of Learning to include “computation and critical reasoning, including problem solving and decision making; proficiency in the use of computers and related technology; computer science and computational thinking, including computer coding; and the skills to manage personal finances and to make sound financial decisions.”

A key proponent of the measure is Code VA, a nonprofit started in 2014 by a computer scienceteacher and a former journalist.

As School Suspensions Rise, Advocates Highlight Alternatives

In the report “Suspended Progress,” Legal Aid Justice Center analyzes more than 126,000 out-of-school suspensions issued in Virginia during the 2014-2015 academic year. Of those, 2,800 students received long-term suspensions, between 11 school days and an entire calendar year.

Another 69,000 students received about 123,000 short-term suspensions, anywhere up to ten days.

After 86 Years, Southside Child Development Center Closes

After more than 80 years, Richmond’s Southside Child Development Center will close its doors after struggling to stay afloat financially. The organization serves about 75 children with daycare, Head Start, after-school and summer programs. This follows last year’s closing of William Byrd Community House, which also served low-income families for decades.

A Statewide Shortage in Math Teachers Hits Mecklenburg Hard

There’s a shortage of math teachers in Virginia’s public schools that is becoming a big problem for school administrators as well as students who need to learn the material in order to graduate. For Learning Curve, Craig Carper spoke to Mecklenburg County Schools Superintendent Paul Nichols who says the problem is especially acute in his system.


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