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Bathroom Bill Killed In Assembly

The Republican led House General Laws sub-committee has killed a bill that would require individuals to use the restroom that corresponds to their sex at birth.

The bill’s patron, Republican Delegate Bob Marshall of Prince William, argued that the bill protected children and adult’s privacy in restroom and changing facilities. “These people down here were too timid to defend your daughter’s safety...I am totally astounded.”

Republicans have argued that since the issue is currently before the Supreme Court, passing legislation would be premature.

Mitchell Family Pleas For Mental Health Reform In Justice System

The family of a mentally ill man who died in Hampton Roads regional jail following alleged mistreatment and neglect came to the state capitol on Wednesday (1/18) to ask lawmakers to pass legislation to ensure the same thing doesn’t happen to anyone else.

In 2015 24-year-old Jamycheal Mitchell, a mentally ill man arrested for stealing $5 worth of junk food from a convenience store, died while serving 4 months in Hampton Roads regional jail of extreme weight loss and heart problems.


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