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House Rejects Medicaid Expansion -- Again

The House of Delegates has rejected Governor Terry McAuliffe’s most recent effort to draw down federal funding from the Affordable Care Act to expand the state’s Medicaid program.

Republican Delegate John O’Bannon of Henrico says Virginia has done all it can afford to do to expand the health care safety net. “Current Medicaid is 22% of the General Fund, growing at 9-10% a year, it’s still growing and it’s already crowding out other essential services like transportation and public safety,” said O’Bannon.

McAuliffe Signs Bills Targeting Opioid Abuse

Governor Terry McAuliffe says over 1,000 Virginians lost their lives to opioid abuse last year. Today (2/23) he signed several bills which aim to combat the problem.

One bill would allow community organizations to dispense Naloxone, a drug which can reverse an overdose in progress. Ginny Atwood Lovitt says that drug would have saved her brother’s life. “I talk to people all the time who have used this and it’s very easy and fast acting. Sometimes people will go from laying on the ground blue to walking and talking in 30 seconds to a minute,” said Lovitt.


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