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Oyster Wars

Commentator Thea Marshall remembers the first time she looked at an open oyster and was expected to eat that strange bi-valve. It had to be great, otherwise, why were wars fought over it? There were territorial wars and then wars between tongers and dredgers, replete with oyster police and a so called oyster navy. And it was all about that remarkable creature and the folks who crave it. Jonathan Swift wrote, “He was a bold man that first ate an oyster.”

Remembering Christmas on the Northern Neck

As bills for last months gifts come rolling in, Commentator Thea Marshall looks back at Christmas past, and Christmas bills present...and longs for the good old days of "Barter"....and the time in our Colonial past, when holiday gift giving was a time of small gifts of sweets and such to one's children's servants...but never to one's equals...

The All-American Tendency to “Take a Chance”

Commentator Thea Marshall looks at the all-American tendency to “take a chance,” to take a risk, to gamble. Historian and author David G. Schwartz wrote that gambling is as American as apple pie and much older than the Mayflower. It is something deep in the nation’s bones and reflected not only in games of chance but in the stock market and entrepreneurship. There is, he writes, a straight line—a legacy—from the early settlers and the plantation grandees to today’s visitors to the Las Vegas Strip. None of these people mind taking a chance.


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