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Major League Baseball will begin soon, and Richmond will be getting a new Minor League team this year. Richmond has a long history of baseball tradition.

Monroe: A Decent Man

Commentator Thea Marshall celebrates the  252nd birthday of Northern Neck native son, James Monroe. Monroe, the last of our early presidents to have been born in Virginia, was both popular and underrated, and his two terms have become known for idealism and integrty.

Oyster Wars

Commentator Thea Marshall remembers the first time she looked at an open oyster and was expected to eat that strange bi-valve. It had to be great, otherwise, why were wars fought over it? There were territorial wars and then wars between tongers and dredgers, replete with oyster police and a so called oyster navy. And it was all about that remarkable creature and the folks who crave it. Jonathan Swift wrote, “He was a bold man that first ate an oyster.”


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