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Blueprint Virginia And The Future

The non-partisan Virginia Chamber of Commerce is very active at the General Assembly, not endorsing parties or candidates, but ideas. Virginia Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Barry DuVal says, in terms of job creation, Virginia must make workforce training a top priority.

Speaking to the Richmond Academy of Medicine, DuVal said new jobs go where there’s a workforce. DuVal introduced the group to Blueprint Virginia, a long term business strategy for the Commonwealth, developed by the Chamber, after canvassing over 7,000 businesses.

Ethanol Plant Operating in Hopewell

Ethanol is finally being produced in Hopewell at a plant that not long ago looked like it might never open. Vireol Bio Energy expects to produce 170 million gallons of ethanol in the next three years and buy more than $100 million worth of grain from Virginia farmers to do that.

Operations began last month and hiring is underway. Mark Haley is the Hopewell City Manager. The plant is beginning operations converting corn to ethanol. That has led to an often tense relationship with farmers who buy feed, but, Haley noted, other grains can be used.


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