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Jeff Schapiro: McAuliffe in Multiple Fights With GOP; Planned Parenthood Controversy; McAuliffe Appoints VA Supreme Court Justice; Coalition Building Critical to Winning Presidency in VA; Gilmore White House Run

Jeff Schapiro of the Richmond Times-Dispatch discusses multiple fights between Gov. Terry McAuliffe over redistricting, voter registration, a $25,000 check to the Governor's PAC and ongoing Planned Parenthood Controversy. Also a look at the appointment of Judge Jane Marum Rousch to the Virginia Supreme Court, the latest Wason Center Poll on Virginia Presidential politics and former Gov. Jim Gilmore's 2nd run for the White House.


Schapiro: Gilmore's White House Run; House Redistricting Trial Continues, Gov. McAuliffe's Parole Review

Jeff Schapiro of the Richmond Times-Dispatch analyzes former Gov. Jim Gilmore's announcement that he will run for President, the ongoing House of Delegates redistricting trial, Gov. Terry McAuliffe's lag in fundraising behind former Gov. Bob McDonnell, a possible bed tax for hospitals and Gov. McAuliffe's Parole Review Commission.


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