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Financial Analysis For Monday, September 25, 2017

Andy Foldenaur joins WCVE’s Dan Rosenthal for this week’s financial analysis.

Topics include: escalations in rhetoric with North Korea and the effect on the markets; the cost of entering the market for new companies; and the potential acceleration of technological disruption such as artificial intelligence and how it could affect the future market.

Political Analysis for Friday, September 22, 2017

Jeff Schapiro of the Richmond Times-Dispatch joins 88.9 WCVE’s Craig Carper for this week’s political analysis. Topics include the debate in Northern Virginia between Ralph Northam and Ed Gillespie, John Warner’s backing of Gillespie, and last weekend’s pro-confederate rally in Richmond.

CC: From WCVE News in Richmond, I’m Craig Carper. Joining me now from the Richmond Times-Dispatch is political columnist and WCVE’s political analyst, Jeff Schapiro. Jeff, good morning.

JS: Hi there Craig.

Political Analysis for Friday, September 15, 2017

Jeff Schapiro from the Richmond Times-Dispatch joins WCVE's Craig Carper for this week's political analysis. Topics include the Supreme Court of Virginia's upholding of of a temporary law stripping the SCC of its authority to set electric rates, a neo-confederate rally set ot take place in Richmond over the weekend, and the effect of insurance companies pulling out of Obamacare on many Virginians.


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