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African Odyssey

Once in awhile, it's a good idea to take a trip. You know, get faraway in order to explore a region's culture in order to see the world in a different light and perhaps gain insight on yourself. So, with that in mind, on this week's World Music Show (1/10/15), we'll do just that--just think of the savings!

Acoustic Covers & Leftovers

With the Holidays being (almost) over, I thought that for this week's World Music Show (1/3), we could take it easy---sort of. Mixed throughout the 2-hour show will be some excellent acoustic covers of songs orginally done by David Bowie, Michael Jackson and The Beatles (all of these sung in Portuguese). 

My Picks for the Best of 2014

Sure, I'm jumping on the bandwagon for an annual "Best of" list for this week's World Music Show (12/27). However, unlike the other music websites, including the big ones (like NPR), my list is more, shall I say, homegrown. This means my list features songs, and artists that I was lucky enough to get ahold of either through sheer begging or through the goodwill of artists and/or record labels. However I came across this music, the list is filled with some great tracks that not only came out this year, but are also on my favorites list.


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