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A Cool Drink of Water

So recently, I was trapped in the desert, scraping my knees against the grainy sand from palm tree to palm tree, hoping to find a cool drink of water. Instead, I found some great music to ease my travels and propel me to find a nice mirage to whittle away the hours while baking under the hot sun. Well, ok, that whole mini-story was of course a travesty of my imagination. But, the true part was the music.

I Still Dance to Ska Music

So, I have a confession to make. I still dance to Ska music, as well as to Reggae music, too. What's the difference? Well, Ska dancing has more of an arm swinging, loopy sort of movement; while Reggae dancing--to me--is more of a swaying sort of dance. Why the admission? Well, this week part of The World Music Show is dedicated to Ska, Reggae and Dub music (more on what that is in a bit).

Rebroadcasting "In Memoriam: Page Wilson Oh, Didn't He Ramble" Wednesday Night at 7:00 PM

Whether performing with his group Reckless Abandon, running the stage or emceeing at one of the many concerts he worked at or hosting his long-running program Out o' the Blue Radio Revue here on WCVE Public Radio, Page Wilson had a huge impact on the Central Virginia Music Scene. Not surprisingly, there was a lot of coverage in the local press and on TV news about Page’s death, but by far the most eloquent tribute I have come across is the show produced by Steve Clark on Saturday’s the Sound of Swing.

The Melting of Fourth Season

When the show begins this late Saturday at midnight the cool temps will no doubt chain me to that last vestige of Fourth Season. However, spring will have arrived and I'm musically prepared for that, too. Can't think of a better way to begin our Spring show than with new music from Al Petteway & Amy White via High in the Blue Ridge (also closing bookends at the end of the Croude).

Women of the World Unite(d)! (Plus some other great tunes)

For this week's show (3/19), I wanted to make sure that I highlight some of the great singers and musicians I've come to admire in the world of World Music. The list of artists I've picked is by no means complete--and it shouldn't be. But, it's enough to hopefully get you started on a quest to find out more about whom I'll be playing. Plus, maybe you'd like to add your two bits below. Who did I miss? Once you hear my show on Saturday, come back here to let me know--maybe I'll be able to play them at a later date.


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