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In Your Ear Episode 25: Alison Brown Quartet

Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:26am -- WCVE

Over the years, JAMinc has been fortunate to host a good number of artists who typically play in venues and for audiences much larger than our capacity-of-eighty recording studio. Banjo virtuoso/bandleader and music business magnate Alison Brown  breezed through town for an intimate soiree in Studio A with husband/bass player/Compass Records co-founder Garry West, savvy percussionist Bryon Larrance and piano man Tyson Rogers. It would be an engaging offering of the banjo’s many voices, most of them far from the traditional boundaries of bluegrass. Alison grew up in California and got into the music with prodigious peer Stuart Duncan. Hers was not the normal rural, deep woods musical springboard. No, Alison would honor family convention and become an investment banker with a Harvard MBA but only for long enough for the banjo to cast its inescapable spell.

In Your Ear offers a chance to discover new artists and appreciate the “in the moment” creativity, inspiration and soul of live music. Studio A is a “great room,” a haven for artists with intimate, friendly and informed audiences and peerless audio fidelity. Host Tim Timberlake and In Your Ear studio president Carlos Chafin produce the programs, which feature three acts, reflecting the diversity and range of these special concerts. The eclectic selections cover many genres -- including bluegrass, jazz, blues, old time, Celtic, gospel and singer-songwriters of many styles. Artists range from superior local and regional talents, to premier acts from all over the country.

Production Funding of In Your Ear is made possible, in part, by... Hohner, Inc., TKL/Cedar Creek Custom Case Shop, Digital Video Group and Will & Molly Perkinson. Artist accommodations courtesy of the Hilton Garden Inn and the Hampton Inn West.