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World Music Show: What Is It?

What’s the World Music Show? It’s marimbas, castanets, kalimbas and even a digeridoo. It’s sound images that take you everywhere from a cafe in Mexico City to the shores of the Ivory Coast. It’s a mix of everything that makes music the universal language. It’s also music that you may not associate as “World Music,” like a tune from a familiar artist, such as Paul Simon or David Byrne, who are able to infuse their songs with the beats of distant cultures. In addition, World Music can be found right on our doorstep, with local artists and bands that explore the genre and bring the world a little bit closer into focus.

World Music isn’t all about chants and just drums – though there is some of that, it’s about the exploration of cultures, of listening to what other people in other parts of the globe are listening to. It’s a way to get a better understanding of the human experience.

Join me for the fourth season of the World Music Show at our new time, Saturdays at 10:00 PM, on WCVE Public Radio.