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Lately I've been searching for a deeper meaing of just what the World Music Show means to, well, the world at large. Ok, I'll admit, that the "world at large," is most likely just the fine listeners in Richmond, Va (and perhaps some other pin-dots on the globe). And that's a good thing, because being able to bring sound clips of the world to the ears of RVA is a worthy effort. I guess the meaning boils down to having a world without borders, at least musically. It's about bridging the gap via sound.

And with that, as the saying goes...away we go.

Kicking off this week's show (3/8), will be the trio pictured above. The band Monsieur Doumani hails from Cyprus. And, like many of the bands I seem to gravitate toward, they like to blend traditional sounds with more modern beats. Plus, they also sing Cypriot language and they also have a sense a humor, as is evident in the song we'll start with, called "Young Upwardly-Mobile Professional." Sergio MendesAlso in this set will be some upbeat Cuban music from Patato and some Tropical Discotheque music, called Sofrito, from the band El Timba. Sofrito was found or birthed in the clubs of South London. The Djs took heavy tropical dance floor sounds from Africa, the Caribbean and South America and created a club phenomenon.

Other highlights to look forward to in the first hour include some tracks featuring a blending of Sergio Mendes, Will.i.am, Erykah Badu, Stevie Wonder and the Black Eyed Peas--all that from the great CD Timeless, by Mendes. And, we'll hear what's happening in the Northern town of Pernambuco, Brazil by the bands Otto and Vates E Violas.

Carla BruniAlso in the this hour will be more new music from the great Angelique Kidjo, who has a new CD called Eve. We'll hear her paired with Dr. John and Yvonne Kidjo, who I'm assuming is some sort of relation. Plus, we'll hear Kidjo covering the U2 song Mysterious Ways. Paired with Kidjo will be a track from the French chanteuse and former first lady of France, Carla Bruni.

Closing out the first half will be a track from the band Konono #1, who are from Kinshasha, and who like to plug in a kalimba or thumb piano. And we'll hear an upbeat track from Mabi Thobejane

Congratulations--you've reached the point in this blog in which we can now discuss the merits of the second hour. And what a cool hour this is. Sure, hour one had it's high points, but hour two is off the charts. We'll start of by hearing some classic Brazilian guitar msuic, circa 1967-1976. Dubbed "Fuzz Bananas" by the curator of the CD of the same name we'll hear a great cover of the British song "God Save the Queen," done pre-Sex Pistols by the band 14 Bis. And we'll hear from Banda de 7 Leguas.

Other signs of intelligent life to pay attention to in this chunk of time will be sounds from We Are Enfant Terrible (off their new CD, called Carry on), former Japanese child prodigy Matsuki Ayumu, the Dutch band Bettie Serveert, Dj Cheb I Sabbah and Ursula 1000, who play a funky, electronic mix of world beats.

Then, when we close out the show, we'll take a trip to a few years back to hear a mis of Reggae, Ska and um, something unique. We'll start off with the latest CD from Jimmy Cliff, then go back to hear songs from The Specials and the English Beat. And as for that unique item, well, you'll have to tune in for that.

The World Music Show, aires Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. on Richmond Public Radio, 88.9 WCVE or online via this site. Plus, you can follow the show on Twitter, @wcveworldmusic.