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Here's the thing about friends, sometimes they do pretty cool things, like when they travel to faraway places, like Ecuador, and bring back music for your show. Or when they partner up with you on a reggae duet (yes, I'm talking about the lead pictuare featuring Mick Jagger and Peter Tosh, not me). On this week's World Music Show (6/6), we'll delight in some of that friendliness. And with these two examples, you could say that I am vicariously living through friends, in one form or another.

Coming up in hour one of this week's show, we'll hear some traditional folk music direct from Ecuador, some classic Samba Soul music from a variety of artists and we'll groove to some skillful guitar licks courtesy of some South African musicians.

Samba Soul 70!That music from Ecuador is brought to you by one of my friends who happened to travel there to visit family. And she was nice enough to bring back a CD of Ecuadorian folk music, called "Karu Nan." Mixed with that will be some classic "Samba Soul 70!"  music from when Brazil was having their own Black Power Movement back in the late 60s and early 70s--think funky, soulful and fun. In this genre we'll hear from Erlon Chaves, Wilson Simonal and Dom Salvador & Banda Abolicao.

Then there's something about the impending Summer (is it Summer yet?) that makes me want to hear more Brazilian type of music. But, as I like to do, there's a twist. Off a new CD called "The Brazil Connection," which features some redos--not really covers--of some classic Pop standards done with a Brazilian twist, we'll hear Marvin Gay's "Sexual Healing" followed by Nina Simone's "I Wish I knew how it would feel to be free." And in this same set, we'll check out some Tropical Discotheque music, known as Sofrito. This style mixes heavy tropical dancefloor sounds from Africa, the Caribbean and South America.

SowetoThen, taking a left turn, we'll check out some very cool guitar sounds from South Africa. Off a CD called "Homeland," which is a collection of South African Music, we'll hear from the artist Dilika followed by Manka le Phallang. Plus, we'll also hear some music out of Soweto as well as some similar, guitar-inspired music from none other than Paul Simon. In fact it'll be a little Paul Simon trifecta--especially when we add on Ladysmith Black Mambazo doing "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes," with them partnered with Melissa Etheridge and Joe McBride.

For hour two, we'll hear some Timbalada music--don't worry, I'll explain, some "World Hits," courtesy of Putumayo, and some Red Hot Latin mash-ups featuring some interesting bands.

TimbaladaKicking off the hour, with some Timbalada music, founded by Brazilian Carlinhos Brown. From the Bahia region of Brazil, Brown (who took his name from James Brown) developed a form of percussion heavy, rhythm infused music. He called it Timbalada. Off a CD of highlights from this, hear the song "Mulate do Bunde" followed by a live track called "Papa Papet."

Mixed into that first set will tracks from the band La Chiva Gantiva, who are like a Molotov cocktail of sound. They mix rock, rap, soul and funky Latin rhythms. Plus, we'll some electronic Tango music from the band Una Cartina, who are known for their ability to cross borders, decades and genres.

Now, back to our talk of friendship. That picture of Mick Jagger and Peter Tosh was around the time they did a duet together (they even appeared on SNL). If you happened to listen to the past show I did, called "Duos, Duets and Double Whammys," then you'd think that this track by Mick and Peter, should have fell into that playlist. Well, you're right--it originally was there--but due to time, it had to be scuttled.

Rounding out the remainder of the hour will be here some cool mash-ups featuring some contemporary Latin artists along with some more radical ones. For instance, we'll check out Todos Tus Muertos and Los Atenticos Decadentes followed by the band Cuca & Youth Brigade. These can be found on Red Hot + Latin CD.

And, they'll be plenty more mash-ups and interesting pairings--but I'll let you tune in for those. The World Music Show aires every Saturday night at 8:00 p.m. on Richmond Public Radio, 88.9 WCVE or online via this website. You can follow the show on Twitter, too, @wcveworldmusic.