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Tinkering Around Latin America

Coming up on this week's World Music Show:

I've always been sort of a mobile person. You know, jumped from one location to the next every few years. And though I'm currently calling Richmond home, my starting place was in California. That state is one big plot of land, and for the most part, I've lived in some of the best places that state has to offer. I grew up in Los Angeles, but also lived in Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Oakland. And one of the benefits of those cities is the amount of great music that each has to offer.

Now, of course Richmond has a ton of great venues to see live music too. From small clubs to The National, Richmond has been expanding its music scene ever since I arrived here.

So why bring up my past zip codes? Because on this week's World Music Show (10/15), I'm playing a few of the bands that I've been lucky enough to see--and I'm playing a few bands that I wish I could have seen. And, if you're wondering about the title "Tinkering Around Latin America," it's becuase one of the bands--Latin Playboys is part of one of the bands that I got to see. The Latin Playboys are made up of a couple of members who make up the long-running L.A. band Los Lobos. I was lucky enough to see them in San Francisco at the famed Filmore West. It was a great show. And after seeing them, I wish I could have seen their off-shoot band, too--though, they've never toured, so I haven't really missed anything. The rest of the members, by the way, are producer and guitarist Mitchell Froom, and producer/musician Tchad Blake. And, I used the word "tinkering" on purpose, too. For on both of their CDs (they only released two), they use various machine parts, like a manifold from a car, to make music.

Continuing the Latin the theme, on the flip-side, a band I'd love to see is Mexico's Cafe Tacuba. They're another long-running band whose members have been around since their inception. They like to bend the musical boundaries of Latin music by playing different forms rock, jazz and all sorts of other styles thrown in between.

And, since I'm on this roll of bands I'd like to see and bands I've seen, here's one that's a local Richmond favorite. The Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra is one band that I have seen. They are a unique and fun act to see live. They play some interesting music all on gourds of various shapes and sizes. And when they perform, they are in full Gourd garb, too.

And, if I were to create a "Must See" and a "Could Never See" column, I'd have to put these two female singers on the "Must See" side: Angelique Kidjo and Bebel Gilberto are two amazing voices that would make me drop everything to go see (talk about a great double bill!). Their voices are both so powerful, deep and rich, but in two completely different ways.

And, since I brought it up, a few acts that I "Could Never See" are because it would no longer be possible. And those are The Clash and Fela Kuti. Did I trick you? Did you think I wouldn't like any of the bands I'd play? Of course I wouldn't list that. Both those acts are also on this week's show.

As always, there are so many other great sounds you'll get to hear on this week's World Music Show, that to list them would ruin the surprise I get from playing them for you. The World Music Show airs Saturday nights at 10:00 p.m. on 88.9FM, WCVE Public Radio or online at this very website. And, if you want some background chatter during the show, you can follow my live tweets by looking me up @wcveworldmusic.