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There's More to the Picture than Meets the Eye

Yes, that's a quote from the great Neil Young, from "Hey, Hey, My, My," but sadly Neil won't be featured on this week's World Music Show (10/20). But I like to think that Neil's words sort of encapsulate the drift of the World Music Show. 

Here's an example. 

Whenever I mentioned to people that I host and produce a World Music Show, their eyes sort of stare off into the distance. And their lips curl a bit before they ask me "What does that mean?" Or they'll often offer their own examples of what that means, such as: "Oh, like Gregorian Chants or Yoga music?" Inevitably I answer a waivering "Yes and No."  I mean, sure, If I find a Gregorian Chant or a Yoga tune I think all of you would like, and if it has a good beat to it, then I might play it. But what I end up explaining is that World Music encompasses music from all over the planet. I try to encorporate songs that you won't hear on your FM dial. Plus, I also try to sneak in tracks from well-known or sort of well-known Western musicians who like to infuse their music with worldly beats (as in the picture of Thomas Dolby on this week's blog).

So, when you get right down to explaining The World Music Show, there is more to the picture than meets the eye. And now, due to time constraints, here's a looksee at some of the pictures--I mean--artists I'll be featuring on this week's show.

  • Ana Tijoux
  • Sara Valenzuela 
  • Of Montereal & Os Mutantes
  • Moreno Veloso
  • Mongo Santamaria (who covers Herbie Hancock's "Watermelon Man.")
  • Manu Dibango
  • Issa Bagayogo

And, we'll take a good chunk of time and devote it to the late Malian guitarist Ali Farka Toure. Farka Toure was a master guitarist, in the traditional of Missippi Blues--some say that the Delta Blues style derived from Malian Blues. He'll do a duo with the famed Kora player Toumani Diabate

In hour two, some of the highlights will be tracks from:

  • Cornershop
  • We Are Enfant Terrible (three tracks!)

Plus, I'll feature a new track from the Bombay Dub Orchestra and you'll help me explore just how punk and reggae music mix, when I'll play a couple of songs from The Clash. And if you're still wondering what Thomas Dolby is doing being featured on this week's show, you'll just have to tune in. 

The World Music Show aires every Saturday night on WCVE Public Radio, locally in Richmond, Va on 88.9FM or online via this website. You can also follow my rants via Twitter @wcveworldmusic. *I apologize for the use of bullet points in describing this week's show--that's not my normal way of doing things.