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There are No Cheap Seats

I love seeing live music. There's something about watching the musicians do their work (or in my case standing on my tippy-toes while trying to catch a glimpse of the stage). It's great to sway with the crowd, groove on the funky songs and sometimes even close your eyes while listening to a song. I even love hearing the occasional offset twangs and mistunings. 

But sometimes you can't make it to a show. Or perhaps the show you want to see is too far away. That's where the beauty of live recordings come in. Becuase when you listen to live recorded music, there are no cheap seats. On this week's World Music Show (3/15), you'll get to hear a set from two of my favorite live shows that I wished I could have seen in person. But we'll get that in just a bit. 

First up, though, let's check out what you'll hear in the first hour of the show. Kicking off hour one will be a couple of tracks from a Putumayo CD called Music from the Wine Lands, which highlights music from various places that produce wine (obviously). However, I had no idea that one of the countries you'll hear from, Germany, makes good wine (I guess I'm a more of a beer person--and a British beer person at that, but I digress). From that region we'll hear from the married duo whose name translates to 2-Room Apartment (2raumwohnung). This band started off writing jingles for television (as well as being in the band Neon Babies). One of thier jingles became so popular, however, that they decided to release it as a single. It became famous and from their, they started their new career. Also from that CD, we'll hear from David Hewitt, who is from South Africa (which I know makes some good wine).

Cafe TacubaWe'll also hear what Bossa Nova music sounds like when it's played by a band from Germany and from an acoustic singer from France. Ok, the German band is really another track from the duo 2-Room Apartment, but the French song is from Didler Sustrac. Also mixed in the next couple of sets will be songs from Rene Ferrer (who is from Cuba), the Brazilian singer Ceu, guitarist extraordinaire Marc Ribot and some tracks from Los Lobos and Cafe Tacuba--so much music! 

But that's not all, we'll close out the hour with some desert blues music from Tinariwen, some Senegalese music from the amazing Baaba Maal and some classic Highlife, Afro-funk music out of Nigeria from Ashanti Afrika Jah

Now, about that live music I spouted about at the beginning. Hour two will start with a trifecta of songs featuring David Byrne and Caetano Veloso. Veloso and Byrne are featured in the first song, which was recorded back in 2004 when both played Carnegie Hall. Veloso was the artist in residence there and invited Byrne (along with Jaques Morelenbaum and others) to play some amaizng songs. We'll hear a duet with Byrne and Veloso that they co-wrote. Then we'll hear a couple of songs that Byrne was captured playing at the Austin Cith Limits show he did back in 2001. One of the tracks is a disco favorite of his and the other is a song he wrote for the late Tejano singer Selena

From there we'll get a tad groovy, at least according to the folks at the Putumayo record label. Off a CD called A New Groove, we'll checkout a tune from Germany's (hmm, a theme perhaps?) from Radio Citizen, along with the singer Bajka; and we'll hear from Canada's K-OS who sings about being a crab in a bucket. Thrown into this groovy mix will be a song off another Putumayo CD, called Euro Groove, by the Italian band Fiamma Fumana

Jumping from the grooy to the retro, we'll hear some of my favorite tunes from way, way back--to the time when I was in High School. And upon hearing these, at the time, I had didn't really think about "World Music." However, Ska and Reggae are in the vein of World Music. It'll only be four songs with two bands. On the Ska side, we'll hear from The English Beat on the Reggae side we'll hear from UK's UB40. Extra points will be given if you can tell me what UB40 stands for.

And, to torture you more with some throwbacks and to stretch the limits of "World Music," we'll end the show show tracks from Joni Mitchell, the Cranberries and The Sundays. How do they fit in? Well, you'll have to to tune in to find out.T

The World Music Show aires Saturday nights from 8:00-10:00 p.m. on Richmond Public Radio, 88.9FM WCVE or online via this website. You can also follow the show via Twitter, @wcveworldmusic