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Stop the Presses!

Ok, does anyone say that anymore? Or does anyone even remember what that means? With the slippage in newspaper readership and the full conversion to online reading, that phrase "Stop the Presses," doesn't really hold resonance any longer. So, for history's sake, the phrase means "Stop everything!" And on this week's World Music Show (3/1), we'll steal that term, but that means we may need to adapt it to "Stop the Turntable" or "Press Pause on the CD Player!" 

StingAll that hulabaloo (ok, side note: I'm not sure why this text has suddenly taken on a 1940s tone, but I'm just going with it) must mean that there is something special on this week's show. Well, sure there is. There always is. But for this particular week, we're giving a nod to the man in the picture becuase he, along with a man named Sting, are on tour together. Now, I know that there have been other major rock/pop stars who have toured together in the past. And, I know that you may also may be asking how are Simon and Sting able to be on the World Music Show? Well, as the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding.

But first things first. Let's hear what's coming up before I spill the beans about Simon and Sting. The first stop will be a couple of tracks off a Putumayo CD called Music from the Chocolate Lands. Though, don't be misled by the title, because the first song we'll hear is by an artist from Haiti. Beethova Obas is one of Haiti's most celebrated musicians, but I guess it's just me, because I had no idea that Haiti was known for chocolate. However my limited knowledge about chocolate lands is, I do know that this next band, Taffetas, is from a land known for it's chocolate delights, Switzerland. Off another Putumayo CD, called French Caribbean, we'll end that first set with a song from Michel Martelly and the band Haiti Twoubadou, who do a song reminescent of the late Cape Verdean singer, Cesaria Evora.

In the set that follows, we'll take some Asian travels, courtesy of the Six Degrees record label (since we're naming labels at the moment). Off a CD actually called Asian Travels, we'll hear from the band Ja Sha Taan as well as from the late DJ Cheb I Sabbah, doing one of his most famous songs "Kese Kese." Cheb I Sabbah, who recently died of complications from Cancer, lived and Dj'd in San Francisco for many years. His beats were heavily Asian/electronic inspired. Ending this set will be a track off another Six Degrees CD, called Arabian Travels, which will be from the Banco de Gaia. Their song "Sakarya," is named after a town in Turkey that--years ago now--was devestated by a major Earthquake.

By this time, you may be wondering if I forgot about that teaser as to why and how Paul Simon and Sting fit into the World Music Show. Well, don't worry, that's coming up. But, first I have this other chunk of music to tell you about. It'll be a French trifecta led first by Thomas Fersen, followed by Aldebert (who reminds us about "Carpe Diem"), and ending with the band Lo * Jo, who have been known to not only chanel Django Rienhardt but are known for having quite the acrobatic show.

And now, for that Simon and Sting reason chunk o' music. Yes, they're currently touring, which is really kind a great idea. And yes, they actually do many songs together. But why play them on the show? Well, as you know, since Graceland, Simon has infused his much of his music with world beats. And as for Sting, when he was with the Police and in much of his solo career, he often used a few world beats in some of his songs. In fact, the Police used many reggae beats. What songs will I feature? Well, you'll have to tune in.

For the second hour, they are no real cliff hangers or hanging chads (though, I'm not sure how that term fits, but I like it), but the hour is filled with great music. 

Karsh KaleWe'll start off with a nod or a continuation with a little Sting theme when we hear him paired with both multi-instrumentalist Karsh Kale and sitar player Anoushka Shankar. Off thier CD Breathing Under Water, we'll hear another song that features the late Ravi Shankar, too. Ending that set will be a great live track from Angelique Kidjo when she visited Boston to be part of their Guest Street series. She, along with Diane Reeves, do a cool version of The Rolling Stones classic "Gimme Shelter."

Other highlights in the second half include some Latin tracks from Diego Garcia and Dj Bitman (who used to be world class boogie boarder), and Samba-ish re-do of the song "Clocks," featuring Coldplay and Buena Vista Sound. Plus, we'll hear from Issa Bagayogo, Peter Tosh, Dave & Ansell Collins (do you detct a Ska-theme here?), as well from Michael Franti and Spearhead doing some Riddim music, with a close-out of The English Beat.

But now that you know all of this, you may be thinking that, "I don't need to tune in now." On the contrary, you do need to tune in, becuase as always, there will be a quiz at the end of this week's show.

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