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Some Super Twangy Guitar

This week (4/6) I've had some twangy guitar riding around the trails of my mind. Why? Well, I just like the sound of this style of guitar, which I mostly find in South Africa. That style I'd twangy, jangly and just downright fun to hear. I think I first became aware of this sound when I first heard Paul Simon's breakthrough album "Graceland." I can still hear many of the opening tracks. With that, many of the tracks in the first hour are from South Africa--like the band Elias Mathbula & the Chivani Sisters and the band Majozi. Their guitar work is amazing. Then there's the band Soul Brothers and the singer Johannes Kerkorrel. Kerkorrel was one of the unsung heroes of the Anti-Apartheid movement. He used his status as a member of the politically dominant ruling Afrikaner party. He injected subversive critiques of the government to help change the system. Also in this hour, I'll feature some music from the streets of Soweto by the bands Amentkentshane and by the musician Kati Elimnyama.

Plus, you'll want to stick around for some Super Soukous Guitar sounds. Soukous is music and sounds based on Griot-the tradition of oral story telling, but in this case with music. Some other highlights that you'll want to stick around for this hour include a special song by the artist Mamane Barka. He plays a unique instrument called the Biram, which is a boat shaped instrument that he makes himself--in fact, he's one of the only remaining masters of this guitar. And to close out this first hour of twangy guitar, I'll play one of my favorites from Paul Simon's Graceland CD "I know what I know."

But don't let the fun of the first hour make you not want to enjoy the tidbits of wonder and excitement found in hour two. Like many of my hours, it will be a mixed bag or a smashing up of genres.

To start of, I'll feature a track off the new Afrocubism, which is what the Buena Vista Social Club might have been. Another new track you'll hear will be from Luis Conte who is from California. By the way, did you know that the late Tejano singer Selena once cut a track with David Bryne? She did and it was released posthumously, called "God's Child."

All in all it's going to be another great show. But listen to it and you tell me. The World Music Show is heard every Saturday night at 10:00 PM. You can follow me on Twitter @wcveworldmusic