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So, About Last Week...

Remember my World Music Blog from last week? If not, I'm sure if you look around here a bit you'll be able to find it. To refresh your memory, the title was "Women who Rock." Now, after looking over last week's show, I realized that there, of course, could have been more women featured under this umbrella. So, on this week's World Music Show (8/30), I will continue highlighting some Women who Rock--World Music Style.

And just like last week, where brevity was the key, I will mimic that text with another brief, yet succinct tome. But first, a little primer to give you a sense of what to expect. We'll hear from Ecuadorian guitarist Eljuri, Nigerian singer Somi, Brazilian singer Ceu and the former First Lady of France, Carla Bruni. Plus, to round out part of the show, we'll checkout what Nigerian Hi-life music is all about it. And those are just the cliff notes.

We'll kick off the show with someone who I haven't played just yet. The artist known as Somi is from originally from New York but moved to Lagos, Nigeria to focus solely on the creative process and find a new direction for her vision and voice. The result is her debut CD, called "The Lagos Music Salon" and it features melodic textures she dubs "New African Jazz and Soul." Plus she has some cool guest stars, including Angelique Kidjo and the rapper Common. Off that CD, we'll hear the songs "Lady Revisited," which features Kidjo and the song "Four-one-Nine."

From the Brazilian singer Ceu, we hear the songs "Lenda" and her cover of the Bob Marley song "Concrete Jungle," which I first heard on a Putumayo compilation--and that cover really got me to seek out more from her. To continue our mini trek through women in World Music, we'll hear another chunk of tunes. First out of the gate in another set will be the Ecuadorian/New Yorker guitarist and singer Eljuri--who's currently on tour in Latin America. She's been compared to Carlos Santana for both her passionate guitar playing and singing. Off her CD "Fuerte," we'll listen to the song "Empuja," which also features the talents of musicians/producers Sly & Robbie.

For a French twist, we'll check out Maire Laforet, in a throwback to 60s Pop French music. In this same set, we'll hear two songs from a French artist who is more current--the former First Lady of France, Carla Bruni. Off a self-titled CD, we'll hear her cover of the Pee Wee King song "You Belong to Me." And, if that were't enough, we check out yet another new track off the Spanish Singer Bebe's new CD--a CD in which we're slowly going thru track by track, week by week. The song is "KIEREME" and her new CD is called "Un Pokito de Rocandrol."

Ok, I said I'll keep it brief. But before I let you go, be sure to listen for these other musicians: Aurelio, Beethova Obas, Midival Punditz, Wally Brill, Jorge Ben and Os Mutantes. And to cap off a great show, we'll end with two from Micahel Franti and Spearhead. Does this sound like it's going to be a great show? You bet it will be!

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