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Shake It Dad!

Dads have been known to shake it. They've got their own groove and rhythm. And whether that groove is on target or off the mark, you have to give them credit for the attempt (at least in my book). So on this week's World Music Show (6/14/14), we're going to give Dad plenty of tunes for him to shake it to, plus we're going to feature some father & son pairings that will hopefully make fathers and non-father's proud.

First up, some music to really shake it to. The local band Bio Ritmo, who have been making people shake for more than 23 years, have a new CD out. Called "Puerta Del Sur," which translates to "Door to the South," Bio Ritmo once again prove that their style of aggressive salsa music is like like no other type of salsa music around. This multi-ensemble of a band strives on experimentation and they can play anywhere--from hipster rock clubs in Brooklyn, to salsa bars in California or Columbia. They've been known to get even the smallest of clubs hopping with their frenetic, heart-thumbing rhythms. Plus, the style on their new CD addresses Bio Ritmo's unique and seemingly incongruous placement in the locale of Richmond.

This is the evolution of a Southern band," says member Rei Alvarez. "It's still a novelty to be a band like us where we live that helps us keep things fresh and allows us to be creative in more relaxed conditions.”

In fact, because of the beats, Bio Ritmo sets the tone for the entire first hour. Partnered with them in the first set will be yet another new track from the latest CD by Bossacucanova, called "Our Kind of Bossa." If you've been taking notes, then you'll know that every couple of weeks, we've been hearing all the tracks off this really great CD.

Keeping in that Brazilian vibe (and to celebrate the World Cup), we'll hear more new music--this time it'll be both a throwback and new. How is that possible? Well, here's the deal. The new CD "The Brazil Connection," features iconic vocal recordings, from artists such as Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday and Nina Simone, fused with Brazilian grooves via production magic. The sounds are fresh, filled with Samba and Bossa Nova grooves. On the two tracks we'll hear, Bill Wither's "Lovely Day," and Sly & The Family Stone's "Family Affair," you'll get a sample of what these grooves are all about.

Mixed into the rest of this hour will be tracks from the Northeast city of Pernambuco (whose residents I'm sure were watching the opening game of the World Cup between Brazil and Croatia), as well as a couple Latin dance tunes by non other than David Byrne (who did a whole album of Latin dance music called "Rei Momo"), and some French Salsa music from the band Fatal Mambo (including their version of the classic 70s song "In the Summertime.").

Closing out the first hour will be a couple of cuts off a great Brazilian compilation called "Red Hot + Rio 2," which features a ton of legendary Brazilian musicians paired with more Western-style artists. In this case, we'll hear the iconic hipster/trendsetter Beck paired with Seu Jorge doing Beck's "Tropicalia," song. And we'll hear the singer Aloe Blacc and Alice Smith covering Caetano Veloso's song "Baby," an alternative version, too. Plus, we'll hear a cover of the Simon & Garfunkel song done Rumba style by Jesse Cook.

Now, I bet you think I forgot about dear-old Dad. On the contrary, I've kept him in mind throughout the first hour, but now, here are a few nods just for him, starting with hour two. Kicking off the hour will be my small attempt to salute all the Dads who are serving our country in far-away places. We'll hear the song "Home Again," by the once sessions guitarist Michael Kiwanuka, which to me is a soft, gentle song that got me thinking about those Dads in far-away places. Plus, we'll also hear his song "I'm Getting Ready."

For the father/son paring that I mentioned earlier, we'll have a couple of chunks of music featuring famous fathers whose sons were able to carry on their father's legacy but without riding on the coattails of their father's success.

Seun KutiWe'll hear a set featuring both Bob Marley and his children--mostly Ziggy, who, early in his career fronted his siblings the band Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers. And we'll hear two long tracks from both Fela Kuti and Seun Kuti (which reminds me that I really need to get some music from one of Fela's other sons--Femi). Seun, who has a new CD out (which you'll get to hear in the following week), is still backed by Fela's band Egypt 80. And in case you don't know what to expect--think Afrobeat, funky, energetic and politically motivated tunes.

Closing out the show will be tracks from Angelique Kidjo (who is partnered with Dr. John on one song) and the desert blues band Tinariwen.

Now, just as a disclaimer. If you're not a father--don't worry. You can still enjoy this week's World Music Show, which is heard Saturdays at 8pm on Richmond Public Radio, 88.9FM or online via this website. Plus, you can get show updates on Twitter, @wcveworldmusic.