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Red Hot + Rio-rific

Sure, it's ok to make up words--especially in headlines. That's where the fun is, at least when it comes to writing. When it comes to music, the fun part is the playing--and listening to it. Hence the beauty of this week's World Music Show (9/21). Actually, that's the beauty of every show. And if you can gleem from the headline this week's theme, then 50 points to you! Yes, this week's show will be heavy in Brazilian (and other Latin) music--especially in the first hour. There's just so much music to pull from, that it's hard not to include this genre every week. But, like putting together a masterpiece of a puzzle, the finished product is what matters. 

Kickstarting hour one will be a couple of tracks from a Nacional record label release called "Cafe con Musica," which is a snapshot of the current Latin Alternative scene. We'll hear from the band Los Amigos Invisibles, who were discovered by David Byrne (through is record label Luaka Bop), a master at uncovering great world music. Byrne happened upon an imported copy of an album in a record store and loved it. From that chance purchase at the old Virgin Megastore in Times Square in New York City, the Venezuelan band's long and successful career took shape. They've been playing for more that 20-years and, through their first release on Nacional, they won their first Latin Grammy Award. Also off this CD, we'll hear from Chilean DJ Bitman, who not only spins some great tunes but has a great history related to the ocean. He's an ex-boogie board champ and a lifelong surfer. He loves to invite different vocalists to guest on his songs. 

The highlight of hour one--and the reference to this week's headline--will be an exploration of the Brazilian CD "Red Hot + Rio 2." This two-disc CD is full of great Brazilian music. But the best part is that many of the songs are classic covers done with not only contemporary Brazilian artists (like Seu Jorge, Forro in the Dark, Bebel Gilberto), but with contemporary Western musicians like David Byrne, Beck, John Legend and more. We'll hear songs of both discs (aptly titled "Red" and "Hot."). Off disc one, we'll hear the song "Aquele Abraco," that features Forro in the Dark, Brazilian Girls and Angelique Kidjo. And we'll hear the song "Dreamworld," that features Byrne and Caetano Veloso. Off disc two, we'll the song "Bat Macumba," with the alternative bands of Montreal and Os Mutantes. Plus we'll hear the song "A Cidade," with Dj Dolores, Eugene Hutz, Otto, Fred 04 and Isaar. The "Red Hot" series has been putting out great CDs for a few years, including some that highlight the songs of Cole Porter or even Punk music. All or part of the proceeds go to fight the AIDS epedimic in foreign countries. 

All those songs are just in the first two chunks--or sets--of music. Other bands or musicians to look out for include: Sin Palabras, Los Aterciopelados, Zee Avi (who is not Latin, but a great singer and ukelele player from Malaysia) and the duo/couple known as Undersea Poem. And, to give a nod to some local Latin music, we'll hear a couple of tracks from the band Fado Nosso.

For the second hour, we'll morph from the Latin theme into a African one. And as big as that continent is, we'll try to cover a good portion of the musical offerings. Starting off the first set will be song from one of the longest running South African vocal groups, Ladysmith Black Mambazo. We'll hear a track off one of their most recent CDs, "Songs from the Zulu Farm." Also in this set will be tracks from Issa Bagayogo (electric Issa, as he's known), who plays a mean Kamele n' Goni, and Ali Farka Toure

For the second chunk of tunes, we'll go back in a time a bit--first all the way back to 2001, with a song by the Ethiopian singer Gigi, who got the chance to work with Herbie Hancock, and many others. Then, we'll go even farther back, to 1970s Nigeria to hear Olufemi Ajasa & His New Nigerian Bros. They were part of the massive Afrobeat & Highlife movement that took off, thanks in part to the legendary Fela Kuti. Also in this chunk will be another song by Bagayogo and one by the son of Ali Farka Toure, Vieux Farka Toure

From there, we'll head up North to hear a track from one of Egypt's most popular musicians, Khaled, who's known as the "King of Raj." Jumping from that song, we'll land on a couple of new land masses, India and Turkey. We'll hear some Tabla Beat Science music and some Turkish Freakout music, which is basically fuzzy, funky music from the 1970s Turkey. Ending the hour and the show will be a track from the David Byrne/Brian Eno CD "All That Happens will Happen Today." 

So, sure, headline writing is fun, but playing and hearing World Music is much more fun. Let me know what you think. The World Music Show is heard every Saturday night at 8:00 p.m. online here or on 88.9FM, WCVE Public Radio. You can follow the show's thread on Twitter, @wcveworldmusic.