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Numero Uno for 2013

Well, we have to start somewhere, so we might as well start here. I mean, it is show number one--the first show of Season number six of the World Music Show. And though this week's headline isn't perhaps as creative as headlines of blogs past, it does get right to the point. Speaking of which, let's do that now. On this week's World Music Show (1/5), we'll pack as much sound--both mellow and frenetic--as we can in the space of two hours.

For the mellow, we'll launch into a couple of stellar, acoustic David Bowie covers from the fingers and voice of Brazil's Seu Jorge. Back in the last decade, Jorge was part of director Wes Anderson's ever-evolving calvalcade of stars in his movie "The Life Aquatic." In the cast, which featured the likes Bill Murray, Owen Wilson and Willem Dafoe, Jorge played the part of a deckhand who carted around an acoustic guitar, playing nothing but David Bowie covers. It was such a nice take on Bowie's music, that Jorge released a CD called "The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions," that featured most of the songs from the film. We'll hear his take on "Queen Bitch," and "Suffragette City." Piggy-backing on this mellow set, will also be tunes from Tom Ze and a band of Ex-Brazilians who now live in New York, known as Forro in the Dark.

Then, to crank up the speed and volume, we'll hear tracks from the oustanding guitar duo known as Rodrigo y Gabriela, as well as a tune from Mexico's Cafe Tacuba, Columbia's Aterciopelados and France's trio called We Are Enfant Terrible. This whole chunk of music will get your heart and feet pumping. 

From there, we'll move to Africa to hear some electronic Kamela n' Goni (a small, three-stringed guitar) played by "Techno Issa," otherwise known as Issa Bagayogo. And to keep the electronic beat going a tad further, we'll head to Kinshasa to hear some garage band music from a band who has plugged in the Kalimba, or tiny thumb-piano. The band Konono No1 has a fuzzy sound to them, and you can imagine stumbling upon them at a house party. We'll round out this set and this first hour with tracks from the King of Juju music, King Sunny Ade, and hear some Highlife/Afrobeat music out of Ghana. 

In hour two, the energy will leap across the time divide from hour one into this hour. We'll keep that fuzzy, electronic sound and add a bit of Psychedelic Afro-funk as well some Dub and Mento beats into the mix. 

Let me explain. From the early 1970s, we'll hear some Nigerian Afro-funk from Dr. Victor Olaiya's International All-Stars, as well as some Psychedelic funk music from India, also circa 1970s, from Klaus Doldinger and Sapan Jagmohan. And, as for the latter two genres mentioned above, we'll hear some updated Dub music from one of the founders of that style, Lee "Scratch" Perry and some Mento music from one of the founding bands of this style, The Jolly Boys. And all this fun is just in the first 18-minutes of hour two!

Other tunes to listen in for will be a father and son comparison between two legends of Afrobeat music--Fela Kuti and his son Seun Kuti (who did an album that was produced by Brian Eno, producer of many a David Bowie and David Byrne LP). And we'll head East to hear tracks from the duo known as Midival Punditz, and we'll head to the dance floor to hear some trippy, trance-lounge music from Ursula 1000 and we'll fly to New York to hear a couple of quirky tunes from David Byrne.

All in all, show numero uno of 2013 sounds like it'll be a great way to start off the year. But, tune in, then let me know what you think. The World Music Show aires Saturday nights at 10:00 p.m. on WCVE Public Radio, 88.9FM or online via this website. If you're a Tweeter, then look for me on Twitter, @wcveworldmusic.