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Not from Concentrate

When I was a kid, growing up in the bosom of the San Fernando Valley--a suburb in the Los Angeles basin, I was surrounded by about 13 orange trees. Yet, when my Mother would tell me to go pick some oranges, so she could squeeze some fresh orange juice for us, I would complain. I'd say, "Can't we get some frozen stuff like everyone else does?" What I meant was--"I want the stuff from frozen concentrate"--the kind you had to add three and a quarter cups of water to, to make it taste like "fresh squeezed." So, what does this have to do with this week's World Music Show (4/13)? Well, let me tell you.

For every World Music Show, for every week, I consistently try to make it fresh. So, even though you--a faithful listener who may have heard some of these songs before, I try each week to mix them up in a way to make them seem fresh, new and alive. Many times, i have a bevy of new songs to play, while other times--at least to me--I'm perplexed as to how to make something sound freshly squeezed. But then I remember that there are probably only a handful of you who have faithfully tuned into a full program--and that's ok. I get it. Things are happening on Saturday nights. I'm just happy to get some listeners at all. 

So, with this week's show, I hope that many of these songs are as fresh as some freshly picked oranges. We'll begin with the lovely voice of the Spanish singer Bebe--she's won many awards and has a voice similar to say, Suzanne Vega or Liz Phair. And we'll hear from Spain's Wagner Pa & Brazuca Matraca, which basically translates to Brazilian Noisemaker. Also in this set too will be some strong Latina voices from Peru's Susana Baca and Mexico's Lhasa

In keeping with the Latin mood, we'll hear some alternative music from a band whose name translates to You Are Not Going to Like it. But it sounds better (and is much shorter) when they're called Chau. We'll also hear from DJ Bitman (who in his spare time in Chile loves to surf). Plus, we'll hear from the lovely voice of Brazilian Bebel Gilberto, who does one of her father's (Gilberto Gil) songs as well as one by Bob Marley. And we'll cap off the Latin theme with a couple of songs from the now defunct Brazilian/New York trio who were known as Mosquitos

And, like a seed or two in your freshly squeezed orange juice, I'll throw in a change of taste. We'll jump from Latin flavors directly into French. We'll have an ode--a mini ode, really--to the works of Serge Gainsbourg. We'll hear a couple of his own tunes, as well as one that features film siren and singer Brigette Bardot. Then we'll hear a few covers of Gainsbourg's works, some from the likes of some 1960's "ye-ye" girls, (like France Gall and Anna Karina) and a couple from "today's" artists like Portishead and Marianne Faithful along with Sly & Robbie. 

All that was just hour one! Are you ready for hour two? I guess you'll have to be. We'll begin the hour with a couple of songs that were at one time, in heavy rotation at a club in South London. Now, you may be asking what a club in South London has to do with a Richmond-based World Music show--and that would be a good question. Well, this club, called The Mambo Inn, is known for playing some great Latin/Funky Tropicalismo music. The DJ's there have dipped back in time as well as pulled from "today" in order to get some really funky tunes. We'll hear from Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Dj Food. And for some reason, I've paired a couple of classic Italian songs from Quartetto Cetra and Giorgio Conte into this first set--I think they really work here. 

And like a bolt of lightening or more--to keep with the theme of this blog--a dropping of oranges from a tree, the show will change up the sounds. Yep, in a blink of an eye, we'll jump from classic Italian music to some funky, Afrobeat from Nigeria circa 1970. We'll hear from Moneyman and the Super 5 International as well from Ali Chukwumah & Peace Makers International (I guess International was a big thing back then). 

From this point on, it's basically a show that resembles mixing orangesa and tangerines in that it's a little bit of everthing. We'll hear some lounge music from Jasmon and Gotan Project as well as a new remix from the band Cornershop. What can I say, as a kid I got tired of picking oranges--even though they were Right there in my backyard! In any event, you'll enjoy the flavors that come from this week's show.

The World Music Show can heard every Saturday night on WCVE Public Radio (88.9FM) at 10:00 p.m. or online at this website. You can follow the show on Twitter @wcveworldmusic